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How To Find Your Lost Phone

find lost phone

A lost cell phone is a major inconvenience for anyone in today’s world, as we are all becoming more dependent on these devices. Constantly using these devices for sending emails, making phone calls, taking pictures and more. All it takes to lose your phone is placing it down somewhere and forgetting to pick it back up before you leave.

Mobile phones are not only for personal use, many people use them for professional purposes as well. The longer you go without locating your lost device, the more likely someone is to steal it or potentially steal your personal information. 

The good news is there are many new ways to help locate your lost device, depending on the type of phone you have. Mobile device brands like Samsung, Google Pixel, and iPhone have built-in software to help resolve this issue. There are also plenty of other apps that can be installed onto your device to help you locate your missing cell phone.


Find My Google Pixel

Finding a Google Pixel device is easy to do as long as specific features are enabled on the device. For someone to locate their device, the following must be true; The phone is turned on, location turned on, find my device enable, signed into a Gmail account, and the phone connected to data or Wi-Fi. 

Find My Samsung Phone

Samsung does not have any app that you can use on another phone to locate your lost device. However, they have a website where you can log into your account and select the device that you are looking for. You will need to make sure that the device is powered on to locate it. There are plenty of other apps you can download or install onto your device to help keep track of it’s location. 

Find My iPhone

The iPhone is unique, with its own location tracking app called Find My iPhone. You must make sure that your iPhone location service is turned on, and have the find my device feature enabled for the app to work. From Find My iPhone, you can track the location of the device or even lock the device and report it as lost or stolen. Another useful feature of this app is the option to play a sound from the device, allowing you to easily locate it. 

Find My HTC Phone

HTC is similar to Google Pixel, and they both use the Android device manager feature. As long as the device has its location services turned on, and the device is still connected to the internet or data, you will be able to see the location of the device. Through the Android device manager, you can even select which device is stolen on your account and lock it so no one can access your information. 

Find My Lost LG Phone

LG is one of the many other cell phone brands that uses the Android device manager feature. What I found most useful from using the Android device manager is that you can even erase the content on your phone when you lock it. This is important when someone has stolen your phone and you have no possible way of getting the device back.

Find My Phone Using IMEI Tracking

If you remember your device’s IMEI number, it is extremely simple to track and locate your missing device. Through many different apps or your cell phone provider, you can access the phone linked to the IMEI number and track the location of the device. From these apps, you can even send messages to the lost device stating that the phone is reported as missing or stolen. 

Find My Phone Using My Cell Phone Carrier

Your cell phone provider can assist you in locating your lost or stolen device. Get all of your phone information together and visit your carrier’s local store. Talking to someone in-person is definitely more effective than speaking to someone over the phone. Many times, your carrier can access the device manager and help protect your device. 

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