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How to GPS Track a Phone to Prove Your Partner’s Infidelity

Many people are trying to learn how to GPS track a phone for various reasons, but among the most interesting ones is to catch a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. Since almost everybody has a cellphone and they use it to communicate with other people, it’s not surprising that cheaters also use their devices to keep in touch with the person they’re having an affair with.

Once you’ve discovered how to spy on text messages without installing software, the next thing you should learn are the clues that will prove your partner is cheating on you. Some of the most common are as follows:

Calls from Unknown Numbers

Do you see calls from unknown numbers on your partner’s phone? You should also pay attention to the time these calls are made. If that person keeps calling your partner late at night, then it’s unlikely to be work-related. What you’ll love about Highster Mobile is that it gives you all the call details you need, such as date and time of call, and call duration.

Incriminating Emails and Text Messages

Emails and text messages are considered the modern love letters. You should look into your partner’s inbox and sent items to see if there are any messages that aren’t supposed to be there! Don’t worry about the deleted messages there because by installing a free cell phone tracker app on your partner’s phone, you will be able to retrieve even those messages that have been deleted.

Voicemail Messages

Don’t forget to check also the messages in your partner’s voicemail. If you hear sweet or steamy messages, then you may be right about him or her being unfaithful to you.

Dating Apps

A lot of men and women confess to using dating apps to find someone to sleep with. You need to do some research about the most popular apps used for dating and see if any of them is in your partner’s cell phone. If you see one, you need to confront your partner and ask why they have a dating app.

Secret Social Media Account

If you’re using Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms, it’s likely that you are friends or connected with your partner. But if you find another account on the same social media network that your partner is using, this is strong evidence that something fishy is going on. Fortunately, you need not know the username and password of your partner to access such accounts. With the help of Highster Mobile and some reliable free cell phone tracker app, you can view the messages and the profiles of all social media accounts being used on a target phone. With this, you won’t have to keep guessing as you can get the evidence that will prove your partner’s cheating.

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