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how to hack Instagram account

How To Hack Instagram Account Without Getting Caught!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps today. People can share their own photos and videos, and find out what their family and friends are up to. Who doesn’t love photos of cute puppies? That being said, your Instagram ID and account could be hacked by anyone at anytime. Below, we discuss why someone might hack an Instagram account, and how to hack Instagram without getting caught.


Why Hack An Instagram Account?

    • To See What Your Child Is Doing On Instagram

With Instagram being one of the most popular social media apps among kids today, it’s no wonder parents want to keep an eye on their children’s use of it. Kids can be secretive, and often don’t share what they’re up to on Instagram with their parents. The only way for a parent to know what their child is up to on Instagram is to secretly access or hack their account. This is necessary to do, especially if the child is being targeted by predators and cyberbullies.

    • To See If Your Spouse Is Instagram Cheating

The world of social media has brought about a whole new way for those in relationships to cheat on their spouse. People use social media platforms, like Instagram, to privately message with their secret lovers undetected. It can be hard to gain access to these private messages unless you hack your spouse’’s Instagram account.


    • To Keep An Eye On Your Employee

Have that one employee who is constantly on their phone? Want to make sure your social media specialist is doing their job? Then, you might want to monitor their Instagram activity. However, there are much more efficient ways to monitor them without hacking like using a legit employee monitoring app. 

    • To Steal Your Personal Information

We don’t condone hacking an account for malicious reasons, but wanted to make you aware of this one. All too often, you hear about people’s accounts getting hacked, and all their information being stolen. Information taken from accounts, like on Instagram, are used to steal peoples’ identities and finances. Anyone could be a target of these criminal hackers, including you.


How To Hack Instagram Account Secretly

Based on our research, there are three methods of how to hack Instagram accounts; 1) Using an Instagram spy app, 2) Resetting the account password, and 3) Using a phishing page.

1. Use An Instagram Spy App

If you want to view someone’s Instagram activities undetected, then using an Instagram spy app is your best bet. These apps are easy and simple to install and use. You can remotely monitor a user’s Instagram activities via your private control panel so you don’t get caught.

The activities you can track include:

    • Photos, Videos, Stories, and GIFs Posted.
    • Private Messages
    • Who Their Followers Are
    • Who They’re Following
    • Likes and Comments

An Instagram spy app is usually compatible with the latest iPhone and Android devices, and is very affordable! One app we highly recommend is PhoneSpector.

2. Resetting The Instagram Account Password

Resetting an Instagram password is relatively easy. However, you’ll need access to the person’s phone or email address in order to do so.

    • Step 1: Go To The Instagram Login Page On Your Web Browser Or App.
    • Step 2: Click “Forgot password?”.
    • Step 3: Enter the Username, Email, or Phone Number associated with the account. A “Log In with Facebook” option is available on Android devices.
    • Step 4: Check the user’s email or mobile phone number, and follow the instructions to reset the password.
    • Step 5: Log into the person’s Instagram using their new login details. 

3. Phishing Pages

Phishing schemes are commonly being used today to get people’s personal information sneakily. With phishing schemes, hackers create a fake login page for Instagram which they send via text or email to their potential victims. Then, when a person enters their Instagram account information, their login credentials will get sent and logged by the hackers. It’s really a simple passwords hacking method many people don’t see coming. 

So, if you’re looking to hack someone’s Instagram account, what’s your reason for doing so? Hopefully, you found our article, How To Hack Instagram Account Without Getting Caught, useful in your efforts to view another’s social media account.

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