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How to install iPhone Spy Apps On Your Kids’ Devices

When compared to installing the app on an Android phone, the method of installation of a spy app on an iOS device is completely different. While Android devices require you to install a copy of the spy app into the target phone, the Apple operating system allows you an option to use a phone monitoring program without having to install the app on the target phone.

What you need to remotely monitor an Apple device is the iCloud login details of the iPhone or iPad you want to keep an eye on. Whether or not this is an easier option than having to install the program physically into the target phone depends on how easy you can obtain the username and password of the iOS device you want to check. 

If you are trying to monitor a young child’s gadget, then chances are you were the one who created the account for your kid, therefore, you already know the iCloud login details. No issues there. But if you are dealing with a teenager’s iPhone, you would probably have a hard time prying her passwords out of her. We can’t help you there.


Remotely Installing An iPhone Spy Software

Remotely Installing An iPhone Spy Software

Most Phone Monitoring apps will require you to create an account after purchasing it. You will then be given a username and password that you can change for secure and personal access. After logging in to the spy app, you can now input the iCloud information of the device you want to monitor, and you immediately have access to all the data stored in the phone’s cloud storage. 

Does this ease of use have any downside to it, though? Well, since you are limited to iCloud data, how much info you can get depends on what kind of information is set on the device that is uploaded to the cloud. Aside from being limited to whatever data you can check, other features of spy apps, like being able to control the settings, or limiting access to websites, will not function with this method. In short, you are only limited to monitoring features and have no access to other functions like viewing call history and social media spying features.

Another hurdle to this process that you might encounter is that this method will only work if two-factor authentication on the target device is disabled. If two-factor authentication is enabled on the device, then you will need access to the code that will be sent to the device, which means you will need to physically have the device in hand to progress. This negates the remote installation factor of phone monitoring apps.

Again, if it is your young kids’ device you are monitoring, then this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Good luck when dealing with teens, though.


Installing Spy Apps On a Jailbroken iOS Device

Installing Spy Apps On a Jailbroken iOS Device

Jailbreaking, by definition, is the process of exploiting the flaws of a locked-down electronic device to install software other than what the manufacturer has authorized and made available for that device. This process allows the device owner to gain full access to the root of the operating system and access all the features. 

On a jailbroken device, limitations are removed and you now have full access to everything that spy apps have to offer. Advanced features like GPS location, social media and text message monitoring, browsing history, logs of phone calls, and even limiting web access and screen time are just some of the functions you will have access to when this method is applied.

Do take note that this method will require you to have access to the target phone for a few minutes as you will need to physically install this into the device.

An important caveat here is if your target iOS device is not jailbroken, do not attempt to do the jailbreaking process on your own. Lest you might end up with a really expensive paperweight – and a whole lot of anger from your kid, whose phone you just bricked. It’s a process that should only be done by experienced technicians. 

Uninstalling A Phone Monitoring Program

Uninstalling A Phone Monitoring Program

Once you are convinced that your child is using their device responsibly and you no longer need to keep tracking and monitoring their phone, you should consider deleting the spy app from their gadget.

For obvious reasons, spy apps are undetectable to the user of the target phone. What spy wants to be caught, right? As a result of the stealthy nature of spy apps, deleting them when you no longer want to use them is not as easy as long-pressing the icon and selecting uninstall. Long pressing is not an option because the icon cannot be seen on the app drawer of the phone!

To delete the spy app on an iOS device, go to the phone settings and open the app manager. Here you will be able to see a list of all the apps installed on the device. Phone monitoring apps will most likely be under the name System Services. Simply select System Services, uninstall the app, and the target iPhone will be free from the spy app.

If you are unsure about using a spy app to keep an eye on how your kids use their gadgets, most monitoring apps have a free trial before having to purchase them. Try it out and see you it feels for you.



Can spy apps be detected?

No, the spy apps work in stealth mode and cannot be detected on the devices they are monitoring. In the case of a remotely installed spy app on an iOS device, the app isn’t even installed on the device

Can we track someone’s phone without them knowing?

Yes, this is the main purpose of phone monitoring apps.

Can spy apps be installed remotely?

Yes, remote installation is possible for iOS devices without the two-factor authentication enabled.

What is the best app for spying?

Phone Monitoring apps like Highster Mobile, Auto Forward, and PhoneSpector are among the top spy apps available today.

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