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How To Make Folders On An iPhone

Aside from Apple’s stringent safety and security protocols, many mobile phone users opt for an iPhone because of its sleek design. It’s aesthetically pleasing inside and out. Not to mention, the smart functionalities and advanced algorithms it offers.

Like most cell phones, however, the iPhone could get easily crowded when you mindlessly download mobile applications. This is specifically true since nowadays, it seems there’s an iPhone app for everything – social media, business, education, health, fitness, dating, entertainment, games, medical, news, and more. While there’s nothing bad about utilizing such beneficial tools, it would be more efficient if you practice a personal process of streamlining and organizing your iPhone applications. To help you start, here are quick and easy ways on how to make folders on iPhones, as well as how to group apps on iPhones.


What Is A Folder On An iPhone? 

Similar to how a physical folder works, an iPhone folder is a place where users can place their downloaded apps from the App Store. How one organizes their apps is up to them. Thankfully, organizing apps on an iPhone and making a folder on iPhone is as simple as described in the below sections. For example, you create folders to organize your apps into certain categories like Social Media, Business Apps, Messaging, Media, and Games. 


How To Make Folder On iPhone

Have you been in a grocery store and needed to immediately calculate something but for some reason you just can’t find the app on your iPhone? Have you been in a live meeting and needed to jot down important information but your notepad is unfindable? 

Creating folders is one great way of organizing your iPhone applications. Aside from it being pleasing to the eyes when accessing your home screen, it would also be more convenient and practical. When you create folders and keep your apps in folders, it makes it easier to locate and launch them when needed.

Above all, organizing your apps on your iPhone home screen doesn’t affect the organization of apps in the App Library and the process on how to create a folder on an iPhone is pretty much straightforward. Here are the quick and easy steps of making folders on iPhones and grouping apps on iPhones.

    1. From the Home screen, press and hold any application until the Edit Home Screen option appears. 
    2. The apps should begin to jiggle when selecting that option. 
    3. To create a folder, simply drag an app to a similar app or to another app you wish to group it with. 
    4. Dragging together at least 2 apps creates a folder. Since Apple allows users to have multiple pages of apps in one folder, continue to move apps into the created folder.
    5. Rename the folder by simply tapping the folder name field.
    6. Once the desired folder name and the needed apps are entered, press the Home Button


How To Organize Apps On iPhone

Now I know how to create a folder on an iPhone or how to make app folders on an iPhone, but how do I organize my apps on an iPhone? Whether you’re an App Store shopaholic or an iPhone user with OCD, we understand decluttering and rearranging mobile apps can be tedious. 

Apple launched a new feature – the App Library – to further help iPhone users in keeping their devices clean. This makes up for a great option on how to make app folders on iPhone. You can access the App Library by swiping left from the Home Screen. Apps from the library are automatically sorted into categories depending on various factors like frequency of use, time of installation, and more. This feature has a quick search function to help easily locate the app needed and group apps on iPhone.

Since Apple’s icon placement approach is, most of the time, inaccurate, the best way to start organizing your apps is by manually creating folders and grouping relevant apps into each of those categories. To speed up the process of making a folder on iPhone, tap and drag multiple app icons at once. Here are some tips on how you could group your apps or how to put apps in a folder.

    • By Importance

You could utilize the Dock for your frequently used apps like Messages, Safari, and Camera. Then, put other important apps into one folder and drag it to the Dock or solely keep it on the first page of the home screen.

    • By Category

Organizing folders by app type is also a practical way to go. For example, you could keep in one section all utility tools including a clock, calendar, flashlight, and the like. Then create other folders for your gaming apps, social platforms, photography-related tools, and so forth.

    • By Functionality

Categorize apps or group apps on iPhone based on the functions and actions they help you perform. For instance, under iPhone create folders named “Conversations”, you could add iMessage, third-party messengers, and email apps. 

    • By Name

If you don’t want to bother yourself with intricate layouts, opt to arrange apps by name in alphabetical order. You may create iPhone app folders to subdivide the apps – like Folder 1 for app names starting with A-E, Folder 2 for F-J, and so on. Or, you may simply reset the home screen layout where the iPhone automatically shows stock apps on the first page then alphabetically arranges the rest of the apps on the following pages. To do so, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

    • By Color

Arranging apps per icon colors may not sound so efficient, functionality-wise, but it could be aesthetically pleasing. Hence, this could also make up for a great option on how to make folders iPhone and/or organize apps.


How To Create A File Folder on iPhone

Now that we’ve discussed in detail how to create a folder and organize apps on your iPhone, let’s further explore how to create a folder on an iPhone and how to keep your files in order. 

Like on other electronic devices, you could have a robust collection of important and confidential files on your Phones. Apple’s Files app enables one to regulate all files on the device and those from iCloud Drive or other cloud services. 

Should you wish to locally save files on your iPhone, press and hold a specific file > tap on Move > select which folder to copy it to. To create new folders on iPhone, navigate to the files section > go to On My [Device] > tap on New Folder


How To Make A Folder For Photos on iPhone

How To Make A Folder For Photos on iPhone

The Photos app allows users to organize captured, stored, or downloaded pictures. Locate the app from your iPhone Home Screen or App Library then tap on it to launch. Here’s how to make a new folder and how to organize your photos. 

    1. Go to the Albums tab.
    2. Click on the Add (+) button.
    3. Name the new folder/album, then tap Save.
    4. Choose which photos you wish to add to this folder, then tap Done.
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