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Actual instruction for share location on iPhone or iPad

How To Share Location on iPhone or iPad: 5 Different Ways in 2022

You might be asking, “How do I share my location on my iPhone?” There could be many different reasons, but thankfully, iOS makes sharing your location on your iPhone or iPad a breeze.

You may have realized how convenient it is to have an app on that iPhone in your pocket showing exactly where you are on Planet Earth. But did you know you can go further with that?

Sharing your location is a useful iPhone tool allowing you to show exactly where you, or at least your individual iPhone or iPad, is at any given moment. Location sharing on iPhone provides the ability to share one’s real-time location on a map with just a tap. This feature broadcasts your location out to your friends or family if somebody or the phone is lost, or when you need to share your location with essential service providers. It could very well be you are not great with directions and/or descriptions, and a visual aid may be of more help.

Imagine the scenario of being at a crowded bar with your friends and wanting to invite more people along, but not knowing where it is. Or maybe it is yourself that’s lost and just wants to find your friends. Trying to describe the area via text could be painstaking and frustrating, but Apple made it so somebody can easily tap and send a visual map that saves everyone the hassle.

There could also be instances where you want to know where a family member is at all times or even see their location history. It can bring peace of mind to anybody concerned about the safety and well-being of a loved one, and being able to pinpoint exactly where that person is can be of immense help. You may have already used the Find My iPhone app made by Apple, but the methods described below can give you an easier way to see their location via a map in an instant.

Or think about this, imagine being on the road somewhere and your car breaks down. Why do they always do that? You want to call for help, but you are in a strange area and are finding it incredibly difficult to tell help what your exact location is. Apple designed your iPhone or iPad to make it simple to share your location with someone like your tow truck driver and get you back on the road fast. So, knowing how to share your location with your iPhone can save you time, money, and stress.

There are some caveats, however, to knowing “how to share my location on an iPhone” through a map. Sharing your location does not work in airplane mode, so make sure it isn’t turned on. Also, apps outside of the Apple ecosystem that the iPhone uses like Facebook Messenger might need individual permission to access this kind of data. If you are unsure, go to that app’s tab in SETTINGS and allow it to see your location or receive data on a case-by-case basis.

Whichever reason you will need it, here are 5 ways to share your location using the iPhone in 2021. First, you must make sure location services are enabled on your device utilizing your Apple ID.


How To Switch The iPhone Location Service “ON”

The iPhone makes it very easy to turn on its location services, and in fact, you may have already done so! There is a good chance you enabled this when you first got the iPhone and it’s been waiting for you to utilize it this entire time. Let’s double-check. You probably already have an Apple ID at this point, but you need to make one if not. After that, follow these steps.

1. Go into the SETTINGS app, then find the PRIVACY tab. Once there, tap LOCATION SERVICES.

Turn on location service in iPhone

2. Tap the slider to make it green. Was it already green? That means you took care of this a while ago. Now you are all set and ready to send and “share my location”!

Turn on permanently location tracking on iPhone or iPad


How To Permanently Share Your Location With Someone On iPhone

There is a way to share your location on iPhone permanently, but there is a catch. You can only share your location permanently if it is a designated member of your family. This is great for someone like a parent who wants to know exactly where their child is at any moment, or if you want your kids to know exactly where you are. Here’s how to set someone up as a family member.

  1. Go to the SETTINGS app and tap your name.
  2. Tap the FAMILY SHARING tab and follow the instructions to set up whoever you like!

Share iPhone location by contact app


Share Your iPhone Location With Messages

This is one of the more underrated features of iMessage. Say you are trying to meet up with someone, but they can’t figure out where you are. You can describe via words all you wish, but sometimes it’s easier to share your location and show them! Here’s how.

1. When in MESSAGES, tap their name at the top of the screen. Three options will pop up, and tap INFO.

how to share location on iphone

2. From there, tap SEND MY CURRENT LOCATION.

how to send location on iphone

Boom! All done, it’s that easy to “share my location”! It sends a sweet little map to the other person showing exactly where you are, easy peasy!


Share Your iPhone Location With Messages For A Specific Amount of Time

It’s OK to be worried about someone knowing your location or every move. Don’t fret! It is easy to share your location with a contact on your iPhone for just a specific amount of time. The same process is followed when sharing your location in a text message except…

  1. In the MESSAGES app, select the message you want to share your location in. Tap the name or phone number you have for the contact at the top, and it will drop down with three options. Don’t worry about the audio or FaceTime options, and tap INFO.
  2. Then, tap SHARE MY LOCATION and select one of the three options. iPhone location sharing allows your device to share your location on a little map with the contact for just one hour, share your location until the end of the day, or share your location indefinitely. The choice is up to you!

Instructions for sending your location through the map app

how to share location on iphone


Use The Contact App For Sharing Your Location

Say you want to share your location with someone you haven’t texted yet or started a message with. Yes, that can happen. To start a conversation with a visual displaying exactly where your current location is, follow our instructions below on how to send your location on an iPhone utilizing the Contact app.

1. Open the CONTACTS app, select the person you want to share your location with, and tap their name. If there isn’t one yet, simply make a new contact for that person.

how to share location on iphone

2. Tap SHARE MY LOCATION. You will have those same three options as with a message, so choose whether to share your location with the contact for one hour, share your location until the end of the day, or share your location indefinitely.

how to share location on iphone


How To Send Your Location On iPhone via The Map App

Having a GPS-enabled map on a personal device is one of the greatest inventions of the 2000s. Gone are the days where you had to carry around a paper map or print out directions to get where you needed to go. Who has time for that? Apple and Google have made things easy with the share my location feature.

Your iPhone or iPad comes pre-installed with Apple’s very own map app that makes it easy to tap and send and share your location in map form.

1. Open the MAPS app. It will most likely open up to your exact location at that moment, but if it doesn’t, tap the arrow in the top right corner. There will be a big blue dot indicating your current location, and tap that. Your face or icon will pop up, then tap SHARE MY LOCATION.

                              Sharing iPhone location using Google Maps

how to share location on iphone

2. After hitting SHARE MY LOCATION, another panel will open up where you can choose a contact to send it to and how to send it. You can send it via a message, Airdrop, email, and other apps.


How To Share Your Location On iPhone via Google Maps

Don’t care for the Apple Maps app? No worries! Google Maps is a third-party app that allows someone to share their location. You will have to download this app from the App Store, but Google Maps provides other options to share with a contact that integrates directly with Google’s many other apps and features.

1. After you have the app downloaded, open the GOOGLE MAPS app. It should open to your current location, but if it does not, tap the blue arrow in the lower right corner. This will open up another panel with a few different options. Hit the little blue dot.

Sharing iPhone location using Google Maps

2. In the options that pop up, tap SHARE MY LOCATION. From there, you can share your location with various people that have been contacted via Gmail or other Google apps. Now you can share your location for a set amount of time up to three days, or share until it is manually turned off.

Having these maps on your iPhone can be a lifesaver thanks to the share your location features by Apple and Google. Find your friends, family, iPhone, and share your iPhone location utilizing these methods.

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