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How To Tell If Your Phone Is Hacked

how to tell if your phone is hacked

Every cell phone owner is a potential victim of a hacker. Even if you think you’re safe, you’re actually not. You could be exposed to being hacked through the simplest of ways, from using public Wi-Fi to downloading a program. Once a hacker has chosen you, there is no escaping. Below, we describe how to tell if your phone is hacked.


8 Signs A Hacker Has Infiltrated Your Smartphone

1. Pop-Ups Galore!

Just like on your computer, if you have pop-ups galore on your phone, it’s likely been hacked. You probably clicked on one pop-up that contained a virus. Once you click on one, they appear one after another on your phone.

2. Unknown Apps On Your Phone

Apps are the easiest way for hacker to gain access to your cell phone. They are often installed on your phone by hackers physically accessing the device or you accidentally downloading the app.

3. You’re Receiving Strange Texts

To hack into someone’s cell phone, hackers may send links or strange code to the target device. Once the person clicks on the text or link, the hacker will have remote access to the smartphone.

4. Cell Phone Is Slow

Cell phones don’t naturally perform slowly. There’s always a cause for it whether the phone is old, there’s too many active apps, or you haven’t updated your smartphone. In the case of hackers, they usually have software or an app secretly running in the background which will slow down any phone.

5. It’s Malfunctioning

Is you phone turning on and off randomly? Are your apps freezing and not working? If your phone is malfunctioning and not working properly, a hacker has likely installed a virus on your smartphone.

6. Your Phone Is Feeling HOT!

When any device is working overtime with many apps and software running at the same time, the device can become hot. If you’re not on your phone and it’s hot, that means that some program on your phone is running without your knowledge. It could be a hacker using their software to invade your cell phone.  

7. Battery Is Constantly Low

Phone apps, software, and programs need to use a phone’s battery power in order to perform at full capacity. So, when a hacker is inside your phone, your battery will be quickly drained by whatever program they’re using.

8. Surprise Data Usage Charges

The more you use apps on your phone without Wi-Fi, the higher your data usage. When a hacker is in your phone, they are using a lot of your data. So, if you see that your cell phone bill has surprise data usage charges, your phone has likely been hacked.

Well, that is how to tell if your phone is hacked. If it is, reset your phone and install an antivirus software program on it. This will help boot the hacker from your smartphone and prevent them from returning.

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