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How To Turn Off Siri On An iPhone

how to turn off siri

In this increasingly digital world, electronic gadgets, digital platforms, apps, software, virtual assistants, and the like, have become integral parts of daily living. These innovations undoubtedly make many processes more streamlined, tasks easier and faster to accomplish, and help people function more efficiently. Still, like most things, such advancements have their disadvantages.

One such innovation is Apple’s Siri. Siri is a built-in voice assistant designed for Apple users to have a better interaction with their iOS devices. It first appeared on the iPhone 4s and through the years, Siri has expanded and evolved. It’s helpful and can even be funny at times. There are, however, times when Siri can be a nuisance. This is why some consider turning Siri off and others are actively looking for ways on how to turn off Siri completely.


How To Turn Off Siri On An iPhone

How to turn Siri off on iPhones? How to disable Siri on mac? How to shut off Siri on iPads? Can I turn Siri off permanently? Are you one of the many Apple device users who are asking similar to the aforementioned questions and/or are actively looking for ways on ‘How do I turn off Siri?’ To set the record straight, it’s possible to turn off Siri on Mac, iPhone, or iPad. 

Siri has access to built-in apps in an iPhone and will call upon these apps or go through their databases to present the data or accomplish the task you need. You can ask Siri a question or to do something, basically allowing you to accomplish tasks hand-free. Siri is designed to adapt to a user’s preferences over time and consequently personalize results. 

Although utilizing Siri appears as simple as issuing voice commands, it’s a complicated process involving components like conversational interface, personal context awareness, machine awareness, statistics, service delegation, and the like. It is therefore understandable that Siri needs unbridled access to your iPhone and even then, it doesn’t always get things right.

The foremost issue of iPhone users with Siri is its listening capabilities, making them opt to turn Siri off. However, some would still wish to access Siri’s functionality when needed. Let’s say, some might want to know how to turn off Siri reading texts but would still like Siri to announce calls. There are also those who merely want to know ‘how do you turn off Siri suggestions?’’ or Can you turn Siri off on certain instances only?’ but don’t wish to turn off Siri completely.

So, here’s how to turn Siri off, whether permanently disable Siri or just some of its features.

  • How To Disable Siri On iPhone (and iPad)

Here’s how to turn off Siri or completely disable this voice assistant.

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Tap on Siri & Search.
    3. Toggle off Listen for “Hey Siri” (Siri won’t activate using your voice command), Press Side Button for Siri (Siri won’t be activated by long-pressing the side button or power button), and Allow Siri When Locked (Siri will not be accessed when your iPhone is locked).
    4. Select Turn Off Siri in the popup to completely disable Siri.

Note that the popup will only appear if you toggle off both Listen for “Hey Siri” and Press Side Button for Siri. This also implies you can choose to just toggle off one of the options and still opt to keep the others activated.


  • How To Turn Off Siri Suggestions

If you don’t wish to fully disable Siri, you’re given an option to choose the features to enable/disable as well as to turn Siri off temporarily. Here’s how to turn off Siri suggestions.

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Tap on Siri & Search.
    3. Scroll down and toggle off Suggestions while Searching (Siri suggestions will be disabled when using Spotlight search), Suggestions on Lock Screen (Siri will not show on the lock screen), Suggestions on Home Screen (Siri suggestions will not show on the home screen), and Suggestions when Sharing (Siri suggestions will be disabled in the share sheet).

You can also decide to disable Siri or turn off Siri suggestions for specific apps. For this, after the first two steps, scroll down and tap the app you’d like to switch off Siri’s suggestions for. Then, toggle off any function you want to activate. For example, you can tap Safari then Show Siri Suggestions in App to stop Siri from making suggestions while you’re utilizing Safari.


Reasons To Turn Siri Off On Your iPhone

how to turn off siri suggestions

Siri is indeed a great voice-controlled virtual assistant for iPhone users. Still, some people opt to disable it or at least some of its functions. And of course, there could be varying reasons why one might opt to cancel Siri or disable Siri features – from convenience to accessibility to privacy or security concerns.

Upon further understanding social trends, we discovered certain valid reasons why an Apple device user would want to turn off Siri on Mac or turn off Siri on iPhones/iPads. In fact, such reasons are unexpectedly understandable. For instance, a businessman who mostly spends their day in meetings might want to learn how to disable Siri reading texts but doesn’t wish to turn off Siri fully.

So, in case you’re torn between whether to continue or stop Siri, here are some of the main reasons why one would want to know how to turn off Siri and disable Siri.

  • Problems with Listening

Siri is known for the dynamic interaction between it and users. There are, however, issues when it comes to Siri understanding of queries. It may have trouble picking up the user’s voice in loud environments. It may also have problems in understanding users with strong accents. In such cases, the user will have to repeat queries or commands several times or simply give up. Such inconvenience usually triggers users to disable Siri features or turn Siri off completely.

  • Ignoring Silent Mode

The iPhone, like other mobile devices, comes with a special silent mode. This is most useful during times when unnecessary noise like phone alerts is deemed inappropriate.  Siri, however, ignores silent mode which results in users opting to turn Siri off. This bold act of bypassing preferred settings can, undoubtedly, push users to find ways on how to disable Siri features or how to disable Siri permanently. 

  • Issues with Navigation Language

Siri speaks English, French, and German fluently. Its navigational capabilities, however, are limited only to English. It’s understandable if non-native speakers of English would automatically resort to iPhone turn off Siri mode or to turn Siri off completely.

  • Need for Internet Access

Siri is dependent on constant internet access. Voice commands are relayed through Apple’s servers, so Siri can’t function unless it has access to the internet. Even commands that do not necessarily require a web connection to be carried out will not work once Siri is offline. For iPhone users who don’t utilize mobile data much or don’t often connect to the internet, this would basically be a useless feature so might as well turn off Siri completely or disable Siri permanently.


Times It Would Be Useful To Have Siri

As an efficient and rather witty virtual assistant, Siri can carry out a wide array of tasks for iPhone users. You can issue commands and ask questions even without touching your iPhone. Hence, we highly recommend you weigh all factors first when you find the urge to turn off Siri features or turn off Siri completely. Thoroughly decide whether you’d benefit more if you turn Siri off completely or to permanently turn off Siri.

Before you become committed to learning how to turn off Siri on iPhones or before you stop Siri, here are some of the things Siri can do for its users:

  • Calls – Ask Siri to make a phone call, initiate FaceTime, and play voicemails.
  • Texts – Send or read text messages, even through third-party messaging apps.
  • Alarms – Set alarms, timers, and reminders.
  • Calculator – Calculate a tip or split the check. It can even do conversions and solve math equations for you.
  • Music, TV Shows, Movies – Play music by a specific artist, genre, or playlist. It can also identify songs and provide details like artist and release date for you. The same goes with tv shows and movies.
  • Apps – Open and interact with various apps hands-free.
  • Send Money – Send money via Apple Pay or initiate payments.
  • Answer Queries – Look up information for you – from movie ratings, check nearby restaurants, sports scores, stocks, and more.
  • Photos – Open the Camera and Siri will take photos for you. It can also search photos based on the person, location, object, and time.
  • Speech-to-Text – Siri lets you make notes or messages utilizing speech-to-text.
  • Maps – Direct you to Apple Maps and/or help with navigation and direction.

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