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How To Uncover Hidden Facebook Messages On Your Child’s Phone

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging platforms for Facebook users. The app allows its users to easily chat with friends or family from just about any device. A recent discovery reveals that your Messenger app may have hidden Facebook messages that you are unaware of. Just like any other messaging platform, it raises major concern for parents. Children can be hiding these messages from their parents and talking to someone that they do not know. With almost no notification features, this hidden inbox makes it difficult to filter out messages you wouldn’t want your children seeing.

What’s The Facebook Messenger App?

Facebook messenger is located within the social media platform that enables users to chat with others. The app launched in 2011, and you do not need a Facebook account to use the app. In the regular inbox, it will show you all the conversations you have had with other Facebook users and when they are online. Through the latest updates, you can also post stories on your messenger profile, similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories. 

For kids under the age of 13, they can use the Facebook Messenger Kids app. The app is a kids version of the original Messenger app designed to have a more controlled environment. On it, kids can only contact users that are approved by a parent. Messages cannot disappear or be hidden, so parents can easily check on who their kids are messaging. This is the perfect way for children to contact others using Wi-Fi, and they will not need a phone number.

Key Features Of The App

Facebook Messenger is a messaging app for both one-on-one and group messaging. Users can send pictures, texts, videos, emojis, stickers, and GIFs to friends. The app also has a typing indicator so that users can tell when someone is writing back to them. It also includes useful messaging indicators like delivery receipts, read receipts, and allows users to react to messages they’ve received. 

The messaging platform also stores all the media files that are shared within each conversation. This feature is handy when trying to locate and manage photos and videos. The app will also allow users to make video and voice calls from the app, website, or desktop. The latest updates will enable users to send money to other Facebook users using your debit card information. 

Many people enjoy using the games feature within the app, which allows you to play games with your Facebook friends directly, sending notifications to each player when it’s their turn. The app performs many other unique and useful features, but there is one way your messenger app may be receiving messages from people that you do not know. 

How to Uncover Hidden Messages In Messenger

– For Messenger:

The messenger app has a hidden inbox with messages from Messenger users who aren’t your Facebook friends. This hidden folder is listed as “message requests.” These requests will appear in your hidden inbox without sending you a notification or appear in your default inbox. To access this folder, you need to open the messenger app and select “people” located at the bottom of the screen. Once you click on that tab, a screen will appear showing you who is online as well as recent Facebook stories friends have posted. If you look in the top right of the screen, there is an icon that has a message bubble with three dots inside. After clicking on it, you can see who has been trying to contact your child’s messenger profile. A list of message requests will appear, and there is no way to filter these requests or stop them. 

– For Messenger Kids:

On Messenger Kids, there’s no longer a way for kids to hide messages from their parents. Parents can now view their child’s communications history, contacts, report/block contact history, and images they’ve sent via the Parent Dashboard. They can also download all of their child’s data and messaging history if they wish. Parents can access this dashboard from the main Facebook app.

Facebook Messenger is incredibly useful when used to contact friends or family, play games, send money, and more. For children, Facebook needs to find a way to manage these message requests and protect them from strangers messaging them.  

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