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How To Update Apps on iPhone (Automatic & Manual)

Regardless of where you’re downloading your phone applications from – App Store or Google Play – every mobile app requires regular updates. Like any other software, phone apps could be susceptible to vulnerabilities and threats and they need to be religiously patched or upgraded to retain optimum performance. 

There are two ways of performing iPhone update apps. So if you’re an iPhone user who finds data privacy and device security a big deal, read on, and learn more about how to update apps in iPhone (automatic & manual processes).


How To Update Apps on iPhone Manually

Updating apps on iPhone consumes data and eats up additional space – this is probably one of the main reasons why other users prefer to manually install app updates. 

By default, apps downloaded from the App Store are set to be updated automatically when an app requires an update. After all, it’s a well-known fact that Apple’s a huge advocate of safety and security. Then again, of course, Apple gives its users the chance to choose whether to keep install updates automatic or manual. 

To change the iPhone app updates settings, simply navigate to the Settings page > tap on App Store > swipe left the button beside the App Updates selection to turn off automatic updates. Once you’ve set your download updates to manual, you now have control over when and which update iPhone apps to launch. This also allows you to better control your mobile data usage, as well as your device’s storage.

Here’s the step-by-step process of manually updating an app on iPhone.

    1. Open the App Store application.
    2. Tap on the Profile icon located on top of the screen.
    3. Browse through the list of apps for pending updates and release notes.
    4. Tap on the Update button beside the specific app you wish to update, or you could simply tap on the Update All button.


How To Update Apps on iPhone Automatically

Turned on automatic app updates

Mobile applications are programmed with multi-layered algorithms and codes that aren’t only meant to guarantee optimum performance, but also to ensure they don’t become gateways for hackers and other online predators. Unfortunately, with how rapidly technological advances are nowadays, such programs tend to get easily outdated, exposing them to certain vulnerabilities and threats. 

Hence, software developers see to it that they routinely release automatic updates. More than the aesthetics purposes or introduction of new features, updating iPhone applications in resolving privacy issues, fixing bugs, and resolving security loopholes. 

As aforementioned, iPhone app updates are, by default, set to run automatically. In case, however, that you’ve previously turned off this feature and wish to set automatic updates on again, here’s how:

    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Select General.
    3. Tap on Software Update.
    4. Choose Automatic Updates.
    5. Swipe right the button beside it to turn on updates apps on iPhone.


Apple also allows users to update apps through iTunes. Here’s how to automatically download or launch iOS update apps.

    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Select iTunes & App Store.
    3. Navigate to the Automatic Downloads section.
    4. Swipe right the button beside App Updates to turn on automatic app updates.


Update Apps in iOS 13, iPad OS 13, and Above

How to update apps on an iPhone using App Store

Again, applications from App Store are set to update automatically for safety and security purposes. Hence, if you’ve set app updates on iPhone to be launched manually, be sure to regularly check for updates. 

Manual or automatic updates are also applicable to iPhones and iPads run by iOS 13 and above. The processes are basically the same, there are just a few additional minimal steps to update apps on iPhones/iPads OS 13 and up. 

If you’ve kept the automatic updates feature, then there shouldn’t be any further actions needed on your end. For those manual updates, here’s how.

    1. From the App Store, tap on the Profile icon on the uppermost-right corner.
    2. From the list of your device’s available apps, those with an Update label beside them are the ones that require updating.
    3. Tap on Update or Update All to trigger and complete the update. 


Update Apps in iOS 12 and Below

Similarly, apps downloaded from the App Store to iOS devices with versions 12 and below automatically update by default. If you haven’t changed this then you shouldn’t have to worry about iPhone updating apps.

If the auto-update apps on iPhone feature is turned off, here’s how to manually update them.

    1. Open the App Store.
    2. Tap on the Updates tab located on the bottom toolbar.
    3. Select Update All or individually tap on Update beside the specific app you only wish to update.

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