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Kappa Delta Rho

How To Use GPS To Track A Mobile Phone

You might never need an app for tracking a mobile phone with a GPS tracking feature, but a Penn State fraternity chapter called Kappa Delta Rho is now under fire for a secret Facebook page that featured nude and unconscious women. ABC.com recently reported:

In the search warrant the police found multiple pictures of nude women, who appeared to be passed out or in sexual or embarrassing positions. Other photographs reportedly showed drug deals and hazing rituals. Authorities said they were considering criminal charges that could include invasion of privacy as well as harassment.

What if that were your daughter? Wouldn’t you want to intervene before something like this happens? Easy Spy can help. The GPS feature will come in handy when you are trying to locate phone location with remote monitoring software. If you suspect that you teenaged son or daughter is not where they said they were going, it is time to find a good phone spy software with the GPS feature so that you can locate the phone. Well, once you locate the phone, you definitely will have located the owner. The same that GPS enables people to find directions using landmarks, monuments and so on, you will be able to locate the phone owner easily.

Before buying the app and downloading it for installation, try Easy Spy and see how this software is reliable phone location. Why is location so important? Even if you are not protecting someone from harm, sometimes you may just innocently lose your phone. You would need to track it. It will be so easy if there was a GPS feature in the monitoring software.

There are no two ways about it…GPS must be part of any phone-tracking app that is worth its value in the market. Even in the modern cars, the Global Positioning System is standard and many cars come with a preinstalled one. That is why you should look for the app in your smartphone. In fact, many smartphones have this app. Thus, it would be so easy to track the phone with monitoring software.  it can get a tad technical and expensive.

GPS Logs From Monitored Phones For Business

If GPS is a standard feature in modern cars, it should be a basic feature in the mobile tracking software in the market. That way, you can get all the GPS logs for all the places that the phone has gone to. This is a good way of ascertaining that your company personnel go where they are sent and that they are not using company vehicles and phones for their own personal businesses. Look at the software features. Know what logs you will get. These include Whatsapp logs, call logs, email and video log, text message log, Skype and Instagram logs, photos log and GPS log. All these are very important.

Solar-powered hi-tech satellites usually orbit the globe at more than 10,000 miles twice a day. Usually, the rotations follow a systematic order making it easier for them to be accessed in the sky. These will help pinpoint the exact location of the mobile phone at any given time. How will you use the GPS feature? It is not too hard and because GPS is the same all over, no matter where it is being used:

  1. Go to the Maps app
  2. Go to the bottom of your screen and tap the ‘Search’ button.
  3. Once you get to the Search Bar, feed the coordinates for latitude and latitudes.
  4. Note that the coordinates can be in three formats, minutes, seconds, degreed or decimal degree.

If you want to know how to track a phone’s location, GPS could come through for you. GPS satellites operate with the aid of atomic clocks for the purposes of keeping accuracy in time. The device that you are tracking needs to have the GPS app preinstalled, with or without the user’s knowledge.

You don’t need a hazing controversy to still see the value a GPS tracking feature on a cell phone monitoring software can bring. Check out Easy Spy for more details today.

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