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Determination of location via IMEI number

How To Use The IMEI Number To Locate Your Cell Phone

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Phone devices have become a huge part of our day-to-day lives. These small but feature-packed electronics have become more than just mere accessories, but extensions of people’s lives. In fact, cell phones have become a necessity for most people, regardless of their profession. Some users even conduct confidential and important transactions through their phones – from online shopping to school projects to business deals.

With all the important roles smartphones play today, losing your mobile device is more than just losing the money spent to purchase it. The data, files, and accounts lost with the device are even more valuable than the cost of the device itself.

This is one of the main reasons for the creation of IMEI numbers and serial codes. Thanks to these technologies, phone owners can easily find a phone by IMEI number with the help of IMEI tracker apps. If you think this is something you could benefit from, read on as we’ll be explaining how to use the IMEI number to locate your cell phone.



How Do I Track A Phone Using Its IMEI Number Online?

Tracking or locating cell phones nowadays has been made easier, thanks to software innovations like IMEI tracker apps or IMEI tracking online sites. Most elite apps/sites that track mobile location by IMEI number require fees or charges. However, the convenience that comes with the service is absolutely worth it.

One of the best IMEI tracking software we’ve encountered is Turbo Spy. This app is developed by The Powerline Group, Inc., a US-based company specializing in data security for cell phones. So, rest assured it’s packed with safety features and security settings. This product is specifically designed for parents to protect their kids from online dangers, and for employers to monitor employee productivity.

One of Turbo Spy’s most useful features is its ability to accurately and quickly track phones by IMEI number. Through the target device’s IMEI number, it can locate all previous and current GPS locations. This data is then shown on an interactive map, making it easier and quicker to interpret. Information uploading is done regularly provided the app remains connected to the device.

These amazingly useful features are available for just a one-time payment. All available packages come with free lifetime upgrades and 24/7 access to their customer support. It’s compatible with any iPhone or Android phone and can be installed remotely. Aside from GPS tracking via IMEI number, this software also provides remote real-time access to various other valuable data, including:

    • Texts, chats, emails, and deleted messages.
    • Contact lists.
    • Phone call logs.
    • Browser history.
    • Photos, audio files, videos, documents, and other saved files.
    • Activities and engagements on social media apps.


What’s An IMEI Number?

Where is the IMEi number used

IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a set of codes specific to a phone device. This 15-digit number (14 digits plus 1 check digit) can be utilized to remotely find a lost or stolen mobile phone. Unlike serial numbers which are internal codes utilized by phone manufacturers, IMEI numbers are standard across the industry as a whole.

Several countries across the globe have even acknowledged the utilization of IMEI in mitigating risks and reducing phone thefts. Through the utilization of a premium IMEI tracker, even less tech-savvy users can now easily identify/track IMEI locations. These could be acquired in various ways:

    • Engraved on the phone’s hardware.
    • Printed on a sticker attached to the battery.
    • On-screen display.
    • Manual request from the provider.

Aside from IMEI locations, this unique code can be utilized to validate the genuineness of the device. It can also be utilized by network providers to lock the phone, making it only available or accessible by said network. This is common practice when using phones via network plans.


How Do I Find My IMEI Number?

There are several IMEI trackers available on the market today. With an IMEI tracker like Highster Mobile, you can easily track a phone using IMEI online. So, tracking an iPhone with IMEI or any Android device is easier than you might think. The important thing, however, is that you must first acquire your device’s IMEI number.

How To Find Your iPhone IMEI:

You can track an iPhone thanks to the many iPhone IMEI trackers available. An iPhone’s IMEI number can be found on the Settings page.

    1. Launch the Settings Page by tapping on the Gear Icon.
    2. Click on General and select the About option.
    3. Scroll through the page to locate the IMEI/MEID, and ICCID.
    4. Touch and hold the number to copy it.

Aside from the Settings Page, you can also find your iPhone IMEI and start to track your phone using IMEI GPS locations through various other ways.

    • Printed on the SIM tray.
    • Printed on the back of the device.
    • On the original packaging.
    • Displayed in Finder or iTunes.
    • At appleid.apple.com when you log in using the Apple ID logged in the device.
    • Contact Apple Support.

How To Find Your Android IMEI (Method 1)

Like the iPhone, there is an Android-specific way to phone track by IMEI number. Similarly, before tracking a phone using IMEI on Android, you first need to acquire your Android phone’s IMEI number. Or if you plan to utilize the IMEI tracker online for a lost mobile, stolen device, or compromised phone.

Note, the steps to acquire the code may vary depending on the brand or version of your Android phone.

    • Method 1 Steps: Settings Page
      • Step 1: Launch your Settings Page by tapping on the Gear Icon.
      • Step 2: Click on the About Phone option.
      • Step 3: Scroll through the page to locate the IMEI number.

How To Find Your Android IMEI (Method 2)

    • Method 2 Steps: Phone’s Hardware
      • Step 1: Check the back of your cell phone for the IMEI tracking number.
      • Step 2: If it’s not there, turn off your cell phone.
      • Step 3: Remove the phone’s back cover and detach the battery.
      • Step 4: Locate the sticker where the IMEI number is printed on.


How To Locate Your Cell Phone Using IMEI

Now that you know how IMEI numbers can be accessed, you can learn how to use the information to find or locate your phone. The IMEI serves as a solution for people who are prone to losing or misplacing their phones. Or for those rare but still possible situations when one’s phone might get stolen. Here are some effective ways to search mobile by IMEI number.

Contact The Police

Find IMEI number on iPhone

If your cell phone has been stolen or lost or even intentionally compromised, it’s wise to file an official report/complaint to the authorities. After all, you’ve lost valuable property and possibly, sensitive data or confidential files.

Your local police or any law enforcement agency has ways to track IMEI numbers. Aside from getting back your device, they could also penalize the person who stole or compromised your phone – so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. If legal ramifications are properly imposed, you may also help other people by preventing these malicious actors from targeting more victims.

Note, however, that tracking phones through the help of police could be time-consuming. Though it’s free, you could end up exerting much time and effort.

Ask Your Cell Phone Provider

One of the surest ways to “Find My Device” with IMEI is through the help of your cell phone provider/manufacturer. They maintain safe and secure databases where they store important data about the devices they’ve manufactured. You can simply provide your IMEI number and they can begin a search for your cellular phone.

Cell phone providers can typically be contacted via phone, chat message, or email. This is also an excellent way to track your device as it’s free, but you might have to wait some time. It all depends on their current queue volume or the availability of live specialists.

Use An IMEI Tracking App

Find IMEI number on AndroidIf you’re seeking a hassle-free solution, then a trusted and reliable IMEI locator would be your best option. Third-party tracker apps like Highster Mobile provide remote access to the target device, capturing previous and current locations. This software can also be installed without having physical access to the phone you wish to track or monitor, sparing you unnecessary troubles.

In most cases, by simply utilizing your phone’s IMEI number, you can acquire your phone’s real-time locations. There are also mobile applications that can be set to simultaneously feed GPS locations to your online account.

Though most of these programs aren’t free, you’ll surely get great value for your money with all their premium features. The convenience offered will surely be worth every penny spent. Plus, Highster Mobile typically comes with other beneficial features as well.

Aside from the aforementioned points, you may also rely on the app’s built-in GPS tracker feature. Besides third-party IMEI tracker applications or websites, you could locate misplaced or stolen cell phones through Android’s Find My Device app or iOS’ Find My iPhone feature.

These tracking features work by installing or activating the app on the target device and turning on the phone’s GPS. These apps are highly effective, but they must be installed before the phone is stolen or lost and must stay enabled to function properly. Plus, the location should remain turned on, and the phone must stay connected to the internet.


That’s everything you have to know about how to track lost android phones using IMEI number or stolen iPhone through IMEI number. Knowing your mobile device’s IMEI number and being aware of how to properly utilize it could come in handy when you least expect it. Aside from locating devices, IMEI numbers could also help you ensure you’re buying or using a legally created or manufactured cell phone.

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