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Info That You Can Get On a Public Records Search Engine


When I first heard of public records, it was on the television and I did not think much of it. I never really put much thought it into it, until a friend of mine told me about how he used a people background search to find his biological parents. He told me that there was so much info on the person he searched, including the address records. Using the address records he quickly was able to find his biologically parents. Once I saw this, I decided I will try using the online search engine for public records and see what it is all about. With no one in mind to search on, I decided to do a look up about myself. I filled in my full name and clicked search. Within seconds I found a record on me, and fascinated I clicked on it. After a few processes I was able to get all info on me. I was very surprised to see that all my details were there, even the info that I completed forgot about. There were numerous categories of data concerning my life since I was born. How interesting is this?

Birth Records

I was able to get by birth records, which has all the info, such as where I was born, my full name, my biological parents’ names and I could also get to do a search on my family’s genealogy. You were really impressed by this, but this was not the only info that I could get.




Educational Background

Apart from my birth records I was able to see all my educational records from since I started school. This was really fascinating, but it also meant other people had access to this info, so I could not lie about my education background, especially when looking for a job. I was able to see all my achievements including degree, masters and other professional programs I did here and there.

Criminal Records

The online court records I used has a dedicated criminal records database, which searches over so many records on national and local criminal records. I was able to see a few parking tickets that I received earlier in my life. Apart from that, my criminal record was very clean and short. This is a good way to search about someone who has lied about their past, especially if you doubt them. The site I was using also had a database where it provided info all registered sex offenders.

Bank Records

I was also able to have a look at my back records, which showed by financial stability. It was accurate and updated.


Old Fashioned Bank Sign


Address Info

I found it ideal that I could see info on all places that have lived at. It also showed the duration I stayed at a particular address and where I moved to. All my details were updated including phone number. This is perfect, if someone is looking for you.

These are some of the info that was able to get from doing the online public records search. What I found really convenient is how fast I was able to get the info. I would recommend anyone to try out the public records search engines and phone number lookup with name. They are very effective in helping one find the info that they need. If you are an employer or a landlord, this is an effective way to know about the people you are interacting with. You will be able to get useful, detailed and important info on just about anyone. There is so much that you can search for on an online public records search engine.

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