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Information Retrieved by a Public Records Search


Why is a background check free so beneficial to so many people? The truth is that searching for public records enables a wide variety of people to have access to the information they need. There is a variety of information revealed by public records search engines to those who are utilizing their services. Part of what makes these websites and services so helpful is the information that they offer about an individual that is hard to get in other places.

Those who are looking into searching for information about themselves or someone else are wondering what sort of information will be revealed as they go into conducting a search. There is a variety of information that one can look for when it comes to these searches, including criminal records, arrests, traffic tickets, and even family history. It’s important that those who are wanting to conduct a public records search are aware of what information the search will reveal.

Before someone is able to undergo one of these kinds of searches, they must agree that the information found will not be used in hiring practices, credit reports, or for insurance purposes. These public records searches yield valuable information that must be treated carefully. So what is some of the information public records searches reveal?


Information in Public Records Searches

Personal Info

One of the first pieces of information yielded by these searches is going to be the basic, personal information provided by these searches. Those who are looking up information about themselves, or other people such as neighbors or employees will be interested in learning some of the personal information first, such as full name, phone number, address, etc.

Court Records

Other valuable information that is available from public searchers is the court records of an individual. Those who are wanting to be able to find whether someone has been convicted, and what crimes they have been convicted of, can use public search engines to come up with the court records available for individuals. The results may reveal that there is nothing at all as far as court records for an individual, or they could be extremely telling and show that there is something worth knowing.

Social Media

The social media accounts of someone also appear in the results of a public records search. Those who are investigating someone may find telling information among the accounts on the various social media platforms around the web. They say a picture says a thousand words.


Arrest Records

Something else that’s very valuable to discover are the arrest records that are available on criminal records search. Many people are interested in knowing what information is available about them online. Or they could just be wondering what arrest records are available for their coworkers, employees, or neighbors. Whatever the case may be, arrest records are important in knowing when it comes to the potential.


Those who are looking into public records searches will also be available to find neighbors who are living next to the person that was searched for. This can be very valuable in revealing neighbors who are sexual predators, which has been a big motivator for those with children in searching for the neighbors that are around.


Most people have relatives that they know about. But most people are unaware that they may have relatives that they are unfamiliar with. One of the best reasons to use public records searches is that it helps people connect with family that they may not even know about! Public records searches have helped many people connect with family members.

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