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iPhone Spy App – 5 Dangerous Apps Your Child Must Not Use

Parents need to be fully aware that certain apps that their children have easy access to can be very dangerous, which makes it a necessity nowadays for parents to know how to track a cell phone location. Yes, there are cell phone spy apps that can aid parents in monitoring how their children use their smartphones. But, there are millions of apps that we can all download and install on our mobile phones, so which of them are said to be inappropriate and harmful for teenagers and younger people?

Below is a list of the apps that you certainly don’t want your children to use:

  1. SeekingArrangement.com

This app is available for both Android devices and iOS devices. This app is labeled as a ‘sugar daddy dating app’. The maker of seekingarrangement.com is also the creator of carrotdating.com, an app that is no longer available and was known to promote prostitution. The concept behind seekingarrangement.com is to connect people who are looking for a date.

  1. Yik Yak

If your teen has this app on his or her phone, you definitely need to install an iPhone spy app on it! Yik Yak is known as one of the most dangerous apps because the messages sent through it are not filtered, and they can be viewed by the 500 Yakkers who are in close proximity to the person posting the message. This app also allows users to post abusive language, sexually explicit content, and even harassing messages. This is an excellent tool for bullies because it posts content as from anonymous senders.

  1. Ask.fm

Through this app, users can ask questions without revealing their identity. Because of the anonymity factor, this app can be used by online predators and bullies to attack their victims. What they do is ask inappropriate questions and send harassing messages.

  1. Kik Messenger

Kik is a private messenger app that is so popular among young people. What they like about this app is it makes it possible for them to send messages, which their parents cannot see. They can also make up usernames so that they will remain anonymous. By letting your child use this app, you are allowing him or her to be vulnerable to sexual predators who may be pretending to be the same age as your child.

  1. Whisper

Whisper is a meeting app that allows users to post secrets. Although users can post anonymously through this app, their location is actually revealed to other users. This means that your child can easily be found by a stranger whom she or he meets using this app. But with the help of a text spy software, you will be able to monitor the apps you’re child is using.

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