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All About iPhone Spy App Use and the Latest Apple Security Updates

If you are a lover of the iPhone, you NEED to know about their latest 10.3.3 security update. However, even with the NEW security update, iPhones can still be accessed by people who are using an iPhone Spy App. A popular spy app many people use is Highster Mobile. Read our review on this product.

So, let us now discuss what the latest iPhone update includes and what iPhone spy apps are.

iOS 10.3.3 Update

iPhone spy app
iOS 10.3.3 Update


On July 19th, 2017, Apple released a new iPhone update, iOS 10.3.3. It was released to resolve a security issue involving Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. To explain further, there was a flaw in the iPhone Wi-Fi where someone could remotely access your phone when searching for a signal. Honestly, how could Apple allow this? With many hackers and cyber criminals online, Apple should have made sure this Wi-Fi flaw never existed in the first place!

According to Apple, this new update is to resolve this issue on iPhone 5 to 7, iPod Touch 6th generation, and 4th generation iPads and later. Ultimately, it’s a good thing Apple fixed the glitch, but what if this happens again?  We will have to wait and see. 

Bottom Line: All cell phone consumers need to realize that their phone is ALWAYS vulnerable. It could be through emails, social media accounts, Wi-Fi, etc. Not to mention how anybody could spy on your phone using an iPhone spy app! Pretty scary right?

iPhone Spy App: What Are They?

iPhone spy app
Who would spy on your iPhone?


Spy apps are software that can monitor practically all activities on a person’s cell phone. This includes texts, call logs, email, Internet history, app use, social media activities, and more. For example, a parent could monitor their child’s texts and social media messages.

For iPhone spy apps specifically, there is a No-Jailbreak version which allows users to remotely monitor someone’s cell phone with just their Apple ID and password. This means a person doesn’t need your physical phone to spy on you. The iPhone spy app user receives notifications on their account panel which can be accessed by them on their cell phone, tablet, or computer.

The downside is, if the user installed the cell phone monitoring software properly, you would not even know it’s on your phone. You can try to find evidence, but you will probably not find any.

There are many companies on the market that create this type of app such as Highster Mobile. Consumers using spy apps find them affordable, easy to use, and effective.

So, with online criminals and people using iPhone spy apps to track phones, make your iPhone is secure by updating it! 

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