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All About iPhone Spy App Use and the Latest Apple Security Updates


If you love the iPhone, you NEED to know about their latest iOS update 12.3. They addressed and corrected many security flaws found with the previous iOS update. However, even with these updates, iPhones can still be accessed by people using an iPhone spy app. A popular spy app many people use is Highster Mobile. Read our review of this product.

So, let’s discuss what the security update includes and what iPhone spy apps are.

iOS 12.3 Update

In the latest iOS 12 software update, there are a total of 23 security updates. The most notable updates are to prevent the following:

    • Kernel: An application causing unexpected system termination or write/read kernel memory.
    • Lock Screen: A person with physical access to an iOS device being able to see the email address used for an iTunes account.
    • Mail Message Framework: A remote attacker could cause arbitrary code execution.
    • MobileLockdown: A malicious app gaining access to root privileges.
    • WebKit: Malicious website content that’s processed could disclose process memory.
    • Wi-Fi: A device could be tracked using its WiFi MAC Address.

For more information on the major highlights of the latest iOS update, watch the video below:

In July of 2018, there was also the iOS 11.4.1 update, which added USB Restricted Mode. This feature prevents anyone from accessing an iPhone with a USB unless the phone is unlocked. Also added was the security option to erase your phone data if there are 10 failed attempts at logging onto your iPhone.

Bottom Line: All cell phone users need to realize that their phone is ALWAYS vulnerable. It could be through emails, social media accounts, Wi-Fi, etc. Not to mention how anyone can spy on your phone using an iPhone spy app!

iPhone Spy Apps: What Are They?

iPhone spy app
Who would spy on your iPhone?


Spy apps are software that can monitor most activities on a person’s iPhone. This includes iMessage, call logs, emails, Safari browsing history, app use, social media activities, and more. For example, a parent could monitor their child’s texts and social media posts to check up on them.

For iPhone spy apps specifically, there are No-Jailbreak versions that allow users to remotely monitor someone’s iPhone with just their Apple ID and password. This means that a person doesn’t need your physical phone to spy on you. The iPhone spy app user receives notifications on their account panel, which can be accessed on their cell phone, tablet, or computer.

Along with this, this type of software can work on the least iOS versions, and iPhone and iPad models. This includes the iPhone 5 – X, iPads (all), and iOS 7 – 12.3. So, even if you just updated your iPhone, you not out of reach from iPhone spies.

The downside for the person being targeted by an iPhone spy app is if the app user installed the cell phone monitoring software properly, you wouldn’t know it’s on your iPhone. You can try to find evidence, but you probably won’t find any. This technology is created to be stealthy and undetectable by the target device owner.


So, with online criminals and people taking advantage of iPhone spy apps and security flaws, make sure to update your iPhone. Do a regular check of your phone to make sure there aren’t any weird apps or programs on it.

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