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iPhones Are 167 Times More Likely To Be Hacked, Study Shows

A recent study conducted by Case 24 was released stating that iPhones are 167 times more prone to hacking compared to other brands. The report analyzed monthly data, which was based on the number of users searching for hacking a smartphone brand or app. 

The company found that over 10,040 people were searching for how to hack an iPhone, while the second most searched phone was Samsung, with only 700 searches. LG, Sony, and Nokia were also searched, but people did not have the same level of interest in hacking those brands as compared to the iPhone. 

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That is not all they found. They discovered that over 12,000 people were searching how to hack into someone’s Instagram account. Noting that other apps were at a lower risk when compared to Instagram. The tech experts who conducted this study did not reveal the risk factors or vulnerabilities that can be used to hack an iPhone.

Clearly, from this study, iPhones are being targeted more than any other phone. Apple releases iOS updates regularly to help patch software vulnerabilities and protect iPhone users. They’ve also taken steps to expand their bug bounty program to help discover and patch threats to the iPhone and operating software. 

To help protect your iPhone from any hacking threats, we’ve listed some methods you can take.


Simple Ways To Protect An iPhone From Hacking

    • Stay on top of the iOS latest updates 

By keeping your phone up-to-date with the iOS latest updates, it will patch any bugs or vulnerabilities on your iPhone or previous updates.

    • Never leave your phone unattended 

Knowing where your iPhone is at all times will help ensure that your device and the information on it does not get into the wrong hands.

    • Avoid using unsecured public WiFi

If you connect to secure Wi-Fi networks, it will help protect you from hackers that are looking to collect data and other information from your iPhone.

    • Use security apps to increase protection 

By using third-party or additional security features, you are one step ahead of hackers. Giving you one extra layer of protection than your average device. 

    • Know what you are installing and what comes preinstalled on the phone

Downloading unprotected apps or giving suspicious apps access to your iPhone can leave you at risk. Knowing what apps have access to your location, microphone, or camera can help keep your iPhone protected.

    • Lock individual apps

This is significantly useful for banking apps and other apps that contain sensitive information. By adding a password or 2FA to open these apps, your data is less likely to be compromised.

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