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Is A Text Message Spy App An Essential Tool For Good Parenting?

Is A Text Message Spy App An Essential Tool For Good Parenting?

Good parents are said to prepare well-composed meals for their kids, help them with whatever they need for school, and provide their kids with a healthy environment in which to grow up in. But are they really good parents if they use text message spy apps for iPhone and Android? Let’s take a moment and discuss that in this article.

Some may believe that there is a set standard for good parenting and this standard works for all families. I am here to tell you now that there isn’t and anyone who says so may just be deluding themselves in order to justify their own inclinations and beliefs. Parenting styles can be considered good or bad depending on the location, the culture of the community, the beliefs of a family, and can even vary depending on a specific situation encountered by the same family. These differences make it difficult to ascertain if certain parenting styles are good or bad.

What all of this doesn’t show is the effort made by parents. They are doing their very best to give their kids the parent that they need, even if they are woefully lacking when it comes to resources and information. However, it is not a justification for all those poor decisions that they made. The reality is that people will make mistakes. But you need to know that if you do not agree with the parenting methods that others are using, they are sure to disagree with you as well.

The Case For Using Monitoring Apps On Cell Phones

Parents, and even kids, have been discussing (arguing, really) whether using monitoring apps on or spot-checking cell phones is good parenting or not. Ultimately, the views on cell phone monitoring rests on the reason the parent has for monitoring, and on the particulars of the situation. Taking a look at the background of the issue, it hasn’t been long since people used the internet and developed mobile technology to where it is today. It’s been barely a generation since the first mobile phones became available to consumers.

But still, there is always the possibility of trying new strategies for digital parenting, and the benefits will become obvious. For one, because no one knows the success rate of these new methods of parenting, there is a really big room for trying out new approaches, so you can learn what is best for your family. There are some alternatives to parental cell phone monitoring. We’ll be taking a look at them so you can make up your mind whether you need to get a monitoring app or not.

Tell Your Kids That They Need To Be Safe While Texting

Texting can be dangerous to anyone, particularly for kids. You may not know about these dangers, but that doesn’t mean that these are non-existent dangers. These threats may not be that obvious that you and your kid completely missed it. Kids using both the internet and text messaging are exposed to stalkers, cyberbullies/text bullies, and child predators. Being inexperienced as they are, children are more prone to falling for the tricks that these people use to lure them. Kids will not be able to deal with these people on their own due to their limited knowledge of the world. 

The best thing to do is to be truthful to your kids and lay it to them straight. They have to know the risk of them running headlong to these threats. Once you have done that, you have to teach them to identify these threats for what they are. You also need to teach them how to guard themselves against these people.

The Digital World Needs Good Citizens and Your Kids Can Be Those Citizens

Online etiquette often prevents kids from getting into trouble on the internet. One of the things that good etiquette can help avoid is cyberbullying or text bullying. Because kids are oftentimes the victims as well as the perpetrators of text bullying, this has traditionally been one of the more difficult issues to address. Kids who are being bullied often victimize others and they don’t stop because their tormentors wouldn’t stop either.

Kids have to know that text bullying/cyberbullying is not an empowering activity. They have to learn that it is not appropriate to respond to bullies by victimizing others. Even jokes that they consider funny can be hurtful or humiliating to others. Let them know that if they are kind, they are inviting others to be kind as well, and this positive example could spread throughout the circle of people whom they contact through text. Such activity might just get the ball rolling.

Probationary Independence: Can It Help?

Getting a kid a mobile phone can help start to experience what it means to be independent, but you need to guide them and supervise them while they are still not experienced enough. There is a lot of benefit for both parents and children when kids learn to be independent whilst they are young. One of them is the ability of kids to recover easily from any mistakes they make.

Just remember that you should be your child’s training wheels while they are on probationary independence. Help them deal with the dangers that they are likely to be exposed to so they can navigate the dangers of texting freely. Make them experience autonomy, but intervene when things get a little dicey.

Spying Is Not The Same As Monitoring

Spying carries with it negative undertones and often means monitoring without consent or knowledge of the person being monitored. Monitoring, in contrast, has positive connotations, and can be done in the open. Just let it sink in to your child that the privilege of having a cell phone is offset by the responsibility of having the phone monitored. The child should know that the monitoring is for them to be protected from bullies, child predators and other threats.

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