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Is It Possible To Spy On Text Messages?: The Benefits of Using Text Message Monitoring For Parenting

Is It Possible To Spy On Text Messages?: Benefits For Parents

It seems like every teen and little kid has a smartphone, smart watch or a laptop which they use to communicate with other people, and that makes us ask ourselves “Can someone spy on your text messages?”. With the proliferation of mobile electronics in today’s times, it is safe to say that our children are living far differently than how we lived at their age. There may be a lot of new tech being unveiled every day, and we may not be able to keep track of all of them, but our children thrive in these conditions.

There might be a slew of advantages living in the digital world, but with all of these benefits comes a whole lot of drawbacks. One of the benefits of the digital age is we now have no problem communicating with another person no matter how far that person is. Thanks to digital technology (i.e. mobile devices and the internet), a person from halfway across the world is as easy to connect with as the kid next door. Our kids take advantage of this by texting who they want to text and going on social media to find new “friends”. However, being kids, they don’t have the kind of experience that is necessary to safely navigate this digital minefield.

Do You Really Need To Monitor Your Kid’s Texts?

Many parents, if not most, feel that it is crucial that they keep a very close eye on what happens on their kids’ phones, especially on their text messages. These parents know that one of the most popular forms of communication between teens and pre-teens is through text and other instant messaging apps, and they would like to take a peek at what their kids are doing while they are on their phones texting. Your kids may think that you are invading their privacy. The truth is that you have the legal right to monitor your kid’s phone, but they will feel that you are intruding if you present the monitoring the wrong way.

Your kids should understand that the monitoring is not for you but for them to be safe and secure. Here are some of the reasons why text message monitoring is a crucial part of parenting in the digital age:

Why Your Kid’s Text Messages Should Be Monitored

    • Kids are easily distracted. They get sidetracked easily by anything that catches their fancy, especially their phones. And they get easily addicted to texting because of the way they get entertained by the people that they come into contact with while texting, especially their friends. And because most children own, or at least have access to, a smartphone, this makes it very easy for them to contact their peers through their phones. They don’t want to go out and hang out with each other. Why should they, when they can talk with other people all they want laying down in their bedrooms or on the couch?

Knowing this, it becomes clear that you need to know who your kid is texting. Text message monitoring enables parents to see who they are texting and what they are saying in their texts. You can make sure that the only people they are getting in touch with are the people who are safe.

    • Inappropriate content abound, and many of them are being distributed through texts. It is very easy to share something through SMS and other instant messaging apps. Most inappropriate content like texts, photos, and videos of a sexual or provocative nature, slip through if parents don’t monitor their kid’s phones. 

Text bullies are everywhere and they enjoy the anonymity of being in the digital world. They can harass or threaten a kid and nobody would know who they are. This is what they thrive in. Without a monitoring app, parents would never be able to detect text bullying if the kid does not tell them themself. We usually don’t notice if our kids are not their usual selves, being very busy from work. However, work is not an excuse to be negligent of your child. Keep them away from the negative impact of text bullying by getting a monitoring app that can access and show what they are texting your kid and their number, so you can look it up and find out who the bully is.

Sexting is also a problem, affecting almost a fifth of all children in the country. Every sexual video or photo shared through text messaging is a potential disaster that can humiliate your child if it is spread at school. Prevent this by getting a reliable cell phone monitoring app like Auto Forward or Highster Mobile.

    • Kids often stay up late at night texting their friends. Parents may say that there is no harm to this, but they fail to see that sleep deprivation can cause a slowing down of cognitive and other brain functions. This could mean that your kid’s performance at school could drop. Plus, not getting enough sleep could cause complications that could lead to increased susceptibility to diseases. If you ever think that your kid isn’t getting the recommended 8.5 hours of sleep every night, then it’s time you got a monitoring app.
    • Child predators lurk in the same spaces as stalkers and cyberbullies. The only difference is that child predators will do something to have a physical meeting with their targets. They may be whoever they want, a 10-year old kid or a 17-year old high school stud, anything except the 40-something balding guy that they are. This is how they draw in their victims and gain their trust. Once they feel that the kid trusts them enough, they may go for a meet up which often results in the disappearance of the child. It is suggested that child predators account for most of the 1000 or more kids that are being reported missing every day, never to be seen again.

Yes, the digital world is a dangerous one. But with the right tools, you will be able to navigate it safely with your kids. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Highster Mobile and Auto Forward the right tools for your monitoring job.

    1. You will be able to tell who is texting your kid. The app can access the entire phone, including messaging apps. It can display what messages were sent to and from the target phone, even if they are deleted. This way, you will be able to detect cyberbullies and child predators and take steps to keep them away from your child.
    2. You can tell what your kids have been up to, even if you are not there in person. Highster and Auto Forward will record all activities the kid did on the phone and generate a report with all the information. So, even if you are at work, you always have an extra pair of eyes to monitor your kids.
    3. You can track the location of the phone, and where the phone is, that’s where your child is as well. You will be able to tell if they are in a dangerous place or not, and you can come pick them up as quickly as possible by knowing their precise location.

Be the parent that your child expects you to be. Get the best cell phone monitoring apps on the market. Learn more about these top apps by heading out to https://safeguarde.com/ right now!