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is she cheating on me

Is She Cheating On Me? How To Find Out If She Is!


Do you suspect your girlfriend or wife may be cheating on you? Infidelity is something most people in relationships don’t want to believe is happening, and turn a blind eye to. However, if your gut is saying she might be cheating on you, then you should look into it further. Below, we help you answer the question, Is She Cheating On Me?

Signs She Is Cheating On You

1. She’s Become Physically And Emotionally Distant

Part of being in a relationship is being committed to each other both emotionally and physically. If she has been distant in one or both of these aspects, she may be cheating on you. Perhaps you have not been satisfying her physical needs, and has sought out someone who could.

2. She Constantly Uses Excuses

Whatever the situation, if she’s constantly using excuses, then she has got something to hide. But what? Is she cheating? Or is it something less sinister like she got a new job? Some excuses could be, “I have to help a coworker” or “I’m going out with the girls.”

3. She’s Dressing To Impress All The Time

She’s doing her hair, makeup, and wearing nicer clothes and jewelry. If this is not normal for her to do, she is likely trying to impress someone else. She may even be cheating on you with her work spouse

4. She’s Attached At The Hip With Her Smartphone

Is she constantly on social media, texting, and calling on her cell phone? Is she private about her phone activities and doesn’t let her smartphone out of her sight? If she’s truly invested in your relationship, she wouldn’t be acting like this and would be okay with you seeing her phone.


How To Find Out She’s Cheating On You

Is your wife or girlfriend demonstrating any of the cheating signs listed above? If she is, then you need to dive deeper to find out, Is She Cheating On Me? Here are a few ways to bust a cheater.

Snoop On Her

Good old fashioned snooping can help you find out if she is cheating on you. Look through her garbage, drawers, and room to see if she’s hiding any evidence. You could also follow her to see if she’s lying to you about where she’s going.

View Her Cell Phone

It has been proven that most evidence of infidelity is on the cheater’s cell phone. It could be sexy pics or videos, flirty texts, or secret messages on social media platforms. Also, their secret lover could be in their contacts under a fake name, so look out for that as well. The easiest and most efficient way to view her phone information is by using a cell phone spy app.

Look Up Unfamiliar Phone Numbers

After snooping on your partner’s phone, you may see unfamiliar phone numbers. To see who they belong to, you can do a reverse phone number search. You’ll be able to learn who the phone number owner is, their age, where they live, and other personal information. This can help you tell if it’s someone you know or possibly who she’s cheating with.

Confront Her

As a last resort, confront her about your suspicions and gut feeling. Don’t go guns blazing when talking to her at first. As calmly as you can, tell her how you are feeling (not saying cheating) and see what she says. Use your best judgment regarding how to navigate the conversation, and determine if she is telling you the truth.


So, did you determine, Is She Cheating On Me? In the worst case scenario, she is cheating on you. However, more likely, she is just hiding something else from you. Just do your part as her partner to make her feel loved and emphasize that she can talk to you about anything.

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