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Is Spying Is Okay In The Modern World?

Where do we draw the line between protection and infringing on a citizen’s rights? It’s a hotly debated topic these days, especially on the heels of the Paris terror attacks. With all that’s happening in the news, it’s a real surprise that any nation would scale back on their spying efforts. But that’s exactly what’s happening in Germany.

According to an article on engadget.com, Germany has reduced their spying efforts:

“The UK and other countries might be pushing for greater spying powers than they’ve ever had before, but don’t tell that to Germany — it’s doing just the opposite. The country hopes to ban its intelligence agency, the BND, from indiscriminately spying on European Union citizens or organizations. Effectively, it’ll give the EU the same privacy rights as it would offer people within its own borders. The proposed law will limit digital snooping and wiretaps to extreme situations, such as when there are suspicions of terrorism, organized crime or broken arms embargoes. It also explicitly forbids spying on allies’ institutions (ahem, NSA) and economic espionage.”

Is Germany doing the right thing?

Another topic that rages is on is border control – who should we let into our country? Is it safe to let in women and children, or are they carrying guns and explosives? Do you believe that the Syrian refugees should be let in, or do you think they should be turned away? A recent CNN.com article states “More than half the nation’s governors say Syrian refugees are not welcome.”

But what would you do if that refugee was a desperate mother, an elder, or an orphan? It’s easy to talk tough if you’re a politician vying for a senate seat or even a presidential candidacy. Quite another if you’re actually faced with those tough choices.

The article goes on to state:

“More than half the nation’s governors — 27 states — say they oppose letting Syrian refugees into their states, although the final say on this contentious immigration issue will fall to the federal government.

States protesting the admission of refugees range from Alabama and Georgia, to Texas and Arizona, to Michigan and Illinois, to Maine and New Hampshire. Among these 27 states, all but one have Republican governors.

The announcements came after authorities revealed that at least one of the suspects believed to be involved in the Paris terrorist attacks entered Europe among the current wave of Syrian refugees. He had falsely identified himself as a Syrian named Ahmad al Muhammad and was allowed to enter Greece in early October.”

Spy text messages

It basically boils down to this: surveillance is needed to keep us safe. Surveillance on a smaller scale can help keep teens from destructive behavior, or a wayward employee sharing sensitive company information. Tracking cell phones is vital these days.

Closer to home, family or employee surveillance is happening too. Many parents and employers are turning to cell phone spy software to spy on a family member’s cell phone, or a company-issued cell phone. The software is undetectable, and once installed, the user can view a variety of things on a target phone, including photos, videos, social media activity, call logs, emails, web browsing history and more. Auto Forward cell phone spy works by extracting data from a cell phone and displaying it on a variety of devices, including your own cell phone, tablet or computer.

A free cell phone spy or a phone locator free doesn’t offer the same features that Auto Forward offers, and that’s why it’s one of the top spy apps on the market today. It’s available for a one-time, low cost fee with no recurring monthly charges.

With a cell phone spy app, a mother, father or employer doesn’t have to “close the borders” on their relationship with their loved one or employee!

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