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Is The NSA Spying On Your Text Messages?

Who would think that Jared Leto, Academy Award-winning actor, would have any kind of ties to a CIA agent? John Kiriakou was Jared Leto’s high school teacher turned agent, and he was recently given an award at the PEN Center. According to lamag.com, Mr. Kiriakou made an incredible statement after receiving his award:

“The teacher-turned-CIA agent was just released from prison this year after serving a sentence for passing on info to a reporter about waterboarding. He was given the award by one of his former students, Jared Leto. Leto’s favorite high school teacher was still blowing the whistle that night.”

What did he warn about? The article goes on to say:

“Today, the NSA has an enormous facility in Utah that saves the copies of every email, every text message, and meta data from every phone call made by every American and they have enough memory to keep it for the next 500 years,” Kiriakou said.

Think the National Security Agency has limited power? Think again. Take an average American with a smart phone, and think about how many times that person looks at their phone, sends a text message, posts a picture, makes a phone call, watches a video, and more. Think about every move you make within a day. Then imagine that your entire online life is being recorded, watched, surveilled and tracked.

There’s a very good chance that it’s happening.

When email was introduced in the work force, the only thing you had to worry about was not sending an inappropriate email to the wrong person. You remember those more innocent times. You complain about your boss but then you hit send and it goes to…your boss. You complain about one friend to THAT person. Yikes. And as embarrassing as that situation might have been, you didn’t worry about your boss actually spying on you.

But in today’s digital landscape, the amount of eyes that are on you and your online world is infinite. The amount of data that a normal person uses could very well be monitored at all times. You might think to yourself, “Why would anyone want to track me and my boring life?” That’s not the point – the NSA may be tracking every American citizen with a smart phone in the name of safety and security. As the recent Paris attacks have taught us, it is NOT a safe online environment. The debate rages on about how much privacy we deserve vs. what the country needs to do to keep us safe.

On a smaller scale, you may want to have that kind of security too. Did you ever think that a cell phone spy app installed on a loved one’s phone would be necessary? It is. If you’re a parent, you know that social media has pretty much ruled your child’s life. There are still very real threats of teen suicide, distracted driving while texting, cyber bullying, inappropriate photos and videos, and so much more. A cell phone spy app with a text message spy feature is highly recommended.

Spying apps to spy on text messages are not just James Bond-type gadgets anymore. They’re very real and they’re available to the average consumer.

By monitoring a cell phone, you’re essentially giving yourself the same type of security that the NSA is claiming America needs. Whether you agree with that kind of “big brother” type presence can be debated. But don’t you feel better that you at least have that choice?


spy text messages

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