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Is Your Android Hacked?

We all have our cell phones on us 24/7. They lie on the table when we’re out to dinner. They’re in the bathroom with us. They’re sitting in waiting rooms with us. Many of us are guilty of checking cell phones at traffic lights. We’re communicating, checking email, social media and more at every second of the day. We really can’t live without them.

So what would you do if you found out that your Android device was hacked? Believe it or not, it’s happening. With the huge numbers of Android devices on the market, hackers are working overtime to steal your information.

What kind of information can a hacker steal? Think of everything you do online, from shopping, to gaming, to fitness, to social media, and so much more. All of these processes request a user name and password. Many of these sites hold name, address and credit card information.

spy text messages

According to techlife.samsung.com, there are several steps that you can take to resist hacking:

Step 1

Lock your phone when you’re not using it. Set a password and change it regularly to prevent others from guessing it. Lock patterns are an alternative if you have trouble remembering your password. Your phone may also have a facial-recognition lock feature. If this is on, the device unlocks only when the camera detects your face. Voice recognition is another option; with this turned on, your phone needs to hear your voice say a specific word or phrase to unlock.

Step 2

Activate your phone’s tracker capability, if it has one. If your phone supports this feature, you can see its location on a map and track the device when it moves. If your phone is stolen or lost, use the tracker app to lock it remotely. This makes it harder for hackers to access your data.

Step 3

Update your phone’s firmware to the most current version. Many phones do this for you automatically, but if you’ve turned this option off, you’ll need to download the update manually. You can download the latest update directly from your phone. Alternatively, connect your phone to the computer and launch the software that came with the device. The application will connect to the download Web page and install the firmware on your phone.

Step 4

Install apps on your phone only if they come from a trusted source, such as the manufacturer’s app store. Most official app stores verify the authenticity of their products, so they’re much safer. Before downloading any app, read the description and reviews so you understand what you’re getting.

Step 5

Check an app’s permissions before installing it. If an app requests access to your personal information, don’t install it or deny the request.

A spy mobile like Highster Mobile can cut down on criminal activity. Say you’re monitoring your teen daughter’s phone. If a criminal hacks into her phone, you now have powerful features such as remote cell phone lock to shut it down. Did she lose the phone? A GPS tracking app can find its exact location. Anyone looking for a free cell phone locator will be amazed at Highster’s low cost, great customer service and variety of features.

Criminals are looking for our personal info constantly. They watch our cell phones and computers every minute of the day, waiting for the chance to steal whatever they need to line their own wallets. Although we can’t stop all crime all the time, by following these helpful steps, we can at least take the necessary steps to reduce the numbers of Android hacks. The criminals are trying to stay one step ahead of technology, so it’s your responsibility with your Android device to stay one step ahead of them.

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