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It’s 11 pm. Do You Know What Your Children Are Doing?

A lot has happened this past week late at night, probably past your child’s bed time. Did you walk in on your young daughter watching Amy Schumer host the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night and hear a non-PG-13 joke? Did you hear the cheers from your son’s room after the Red Sox finally won Friday night after the record-breaking 19-inning game against the Yankees? Are these things you don’t think your young tween should follow, or are you concerned about late night cell phone activity, and want to make a change? While you can’t control what the television company airs, you can control what your child gains an interest in on the internet.

Sleep studies have shown that kids with late or lax bed time routines tend to score lower in reading and math, according to a recent BBC article. Lack of sleep may disrupt natural body rhythms and impair how well the brain learns new information, especially in their young developing minds. More children these days have cell phones, and this is becoming a large reason for late bed times. In this technological world we live in now you can most likely tell what television shows your kids watch because they follow the actors and actresses on at least one of their social media pages. Were all guilty of the same. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, chances are you follow some sort of celebrity on one or more of your profiles. We tend to be nosey and want to know what’s going on in these celebrity’s daily lives, and this includes your young child too. There is good news though! By using Highster Mobile cell phone spy software you can see all social media activity, including who they follow and which pages they look at. With this software you can see if your youngster is communicating with people they shouldn’t be associating with. In addition to this, you should also consider that most of those “celebrity” accounts are just fan pages, and fans can also be any age. It’s the perfect guise for an online predator to pretend to be the latest tween idol. You can use Highster Mobile to monitor all messages exchanged through their device.

As for your young sports fan staying up way past his bedtime, you can use this cell phone monitoring software to check just how long he’s checking scores on his phone. The best feature for this instance is the locking capability. Dad can be in his own bedroom and lock his son’s phone remotely from Dad’s device. This allows Dad to bar his son from using the phone, and inevitably, the son will probably drift off to sleep and check scores tomorrow.

In addition to the locking and social media features, the Highster Mobile software has text message, call log, email log and picture and video features so you can see everything your child is doing on their mobile device. The world of social media is larger than life and all-encompassing. Don’t let your young child get sucked into the world all alone.

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