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It’s All In How You Say It

Let’s pose a couple of hypothetical questions:

  • Would you want your employer spying on you? Would anyone answer yes to this question?
  • Would you want your employer to help ensure your safety? Would anyone answer no?

How about two different questions that are essentially two ways of asking the same thing:

  • Is it OK for your employer to monitor all the communication taking place on its data networks? I’m inclined to say yes.
  • Is it OK for your employer to read your emails? I’m much more inclined to answer no.

But according to a Small Business Chron article,

“A private company is allowed to monitor the phone, computer and email use of its employees. It is advisable that all monitoring policies be well defined, documented and given written acknowledgement by employees. If computer and email monitoring policies exist, they should clearly state that employees have no expectation of privacy while on company property or when using company resources.”

For companies considering the implementation of a company-wide cell phone monitoring tool, it can be important to try to influence what questions are being asked. It my not sound like much and the actual answers might be the same, but the subtle differences in how questions about the change get asked can have great influence on how this move is positioned, analyzed and discussed within the company. For any company, it is an important distinction to keep in mind. Autoforward can help for full-time employees or even temporary contract workers.

American workers are sensitive to their privacy and reluctant to accept being closely monitored. And at the same time, they are usually happy to help their employer succeed and are willing to accept reasonable steps to help secure the financial success and continuing security of the organization that keeps sending them paychecks.

In the end, the way your implementation happens and the way it is received will partly be determined by how your policies are written and enacted, but there’s also a simple matter of corporate communications and internal public relations at play here.

Some suggestions:

  • Make your implementation of a cell phone monitoring software part of a larger mobile communications policy change.
  • Write a clear policy that defines what is permissible and what is not allowed.
  • Allow for some personal use of mobile devices as normal practice.
  • Write clear guidelines for what disciplinary actions can result from breaking these policies.
  • State clearly that activity may be monitored electronically and that use of a company-provided mobile device is contingent upon agreeing to this policy
  • Communicate clearly that a monitoring software package will be installed on company provided mobile devices.
  • Provide information on what software is being installed and when it will be implemented.
  • Cite the benefits the company expects to receive from this move
  • Maintain sensitivity to employees’ concerns for privacy and keep their dislike of big brother tactics in mind.
  • Position the move as protecting the vital interests of the company and preserving the financial security and viability of the organization

Like any change, handle this with some care and forethought, and you can have a positive impact on productivity, morale, and effectiveness. Handle it poorly, and employees can react negatively.


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