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Keep Employee Loyalty

Your job is a gateway to one type of freedom: it provides a living wage which equals food on the table, a roof over your head and clothes on our back. Tuition for your kids. For those lucky enough to love, or even like, their job, employment provides a sense of purpose and a place to go every day. The great recession of 2008 taught us that massive job loss can hit at any time, and even though we all have periods where we dislike our jobs, we all need money to survive and thrive.

Employees have recently seen a loss of benefits that were once considered a given when you retired. According to U.S. News & World Report article, shrinking benefits are common in businesses today, despite the slow economic recovery. Pensions, retiree health insurance, and elder care insurance are among the list of expected comforts of a bygone era. The benefits we thought we could turn to just aren’t there anymore for a multitude of retirees. And that factor creates a longer working period for people on the cusp of retiring and just can’t afford to pay for the benefits they once thought they had at a reduced cost.

What caused these benefits to decline? A shaky economy and shrinking profits can affect a business from top to bottom. When a company suffers, the employee benefits feel the hit. If you’re lucky enough to keep your job during a downturn in business profits, check your benefits from your human resources department: Has paid time off changed? What about your 401k structure? Does your health insurance coverage still cover all family members? Multiple losses such as these decrease employee loyalty. We all accept jobs for a variety of reasons, and we all leave jobs using the same logic.

Business profits have a trickle-down effect: if business thrives, so do the profits, and the employees can then reap some of the rewards. It’s important to keep those profits in-house, and a great way to help is a cell phone monitoring software like Highster Mobile. Need to track a phone location? Highster Mobile can help you keep company efficiency and productivity a top priority. This software can track text messages, calls, emails, GPS location, social media activity and more, and installation only takes minutes on the employee’s target phone. Why do you need cell phone tracking? Even the greatest employees with the best intentions can occasionally misuse their phone, from sending inappropriate text messages or spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter. Some employees even think it’s ok to use the camera on the company phone to take non-business related photos and share them with their friends.

If your business distributes company-issued mobile devices, cell phone monitoring software may be one of the answers to economic success. It’s a win-win for any company and all of its employees. We can’t all predict the state of the economy, but every organization can keep an eye on the ultimate goal of a healthy bottom line.

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