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Keep Tabs On Your Child: Why You Need To Learn How To Spy On Text Messages On iPhone

Keep Tabs On Your Child: Why You Need To Learn How To Spy On Text Messages On iPhone

As parents, you have always been concerned about the way your child behaves on the internet and through texting. With this in mind, many parents consider using spy text message reader apps on their child’s phone. What’s worrisome to most parents is now knowing about the people who are talking or texting with your kid. There are many parents who want to learn how to monitor and observe their child’s iPhone, especially text messages. There is no do-all method or application that can help you track all the ways that your kid communicates with other people. But there are ways to keep track of how your child uses their iPhone, with or without using an app. 

Monitoring Messages – Think About All Messaging Options

The iPhone, much like Android smartphones, can send and receive regular text messages. These are messages sent using the short message service format and can be sent across all types of mobile devices, even tablets and some computers. This type of messaging is handled by the cellular service provider and is used according to the terms of the text messaging plan attached to the device.

There are other messaging options besides SMS texts and iMessages. Your child can download and install any of these on their phone and they can be used to communicate with other people. These apps may also have features that SMS and iMessages don’t have, like what media content can be sent. Here are some of the more popular messaging apps that can be used with an iPhone.

    1. Facebook Messenger – It is a separate messaging app that is an extension of the social media platform, Facebook. Instead of going to the Facebook app, you just need to go to the Messenger app, making loading and using the app much faster and easier. As with most messaging apps, you can add contacts, and send stickers, emojis, and GIFs. You can also do voice and video calls with high quality. There are more features which we will not discuss here, but all those make Facebook Messenger a convenient and fun way to chat with family and friends.
    2. WhatsApp – It is one of the most popular messaging apps, boasting as having a large user base. Like Facebook Messenger, it is free and very easy to set up. You have the standard features for all messaging apps like a contacts list, chat and call options, and file sharing. You can also send someone your location and send edited pictures And like Messenger, you can also create a secure chat line with end-to-end encryption.
    3. Viber – This app is really popular, with more than 1 billion users across the planet. One of its most useful features is that it will automatically upload your phone’s contacts list. You can also send SMS messages over Viber, one of the reasons why it’s so popular. Along with all of that, you also get the standard features of most messaging software like chat, calls, and photo sharing options. It even has an option to place an international call to another phone that doesn’t have Viber, at a very low rate. If the other phone has Viber, then calls are free.

In addition to these and other messaging apps out there, you will also need to keep tabs on your child’s activities on other popular and widely-used apps. These may add more trouble to your kids since some of these apps can become extremely addictive. So let’s take a look at some of these apps that parents should monitor as well.

    1. Snapchat – Like Viber, Snapchat has texting and photo sharing options. This is perhaps the most popular photo sharing app in the United States, getting the #3 spot in App Store Top Charts. One smart feature of this app is that any Snap you send will disappear after 24 hours, maintaining your privacy. You do have the option to save the photo or video file to make the moment last forever. 
    2. Instagram – What can you say? It is the app most favored by millennials. With its database almost exclusively dedicated to photos of precious moments, fun activities, and adventures, it serves as virtual photo album. You can choose to have your account listed as private or public, showing that the app’s developers are clearly keen on security. It is the first app to use hashtags (#) to help people look for the photos that they are interested in, which has now spilled over to other apps.

But the question still remains. Are all these messaging apps safe? The answer is a resounding “No!”. Not one of them. There are ways for predators to get close to your child, and with the number of messaging options available, it makes tracking that much more difficult. Many parents have resorted to installing monitoring apps on their kids’ iPhones, but many missed the mark because they didn’t choose the right app.

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