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KidinSafe Review

Sometimes if your gut instincts tell you something, you should listen. That goes for bad relationships, a dead-end job or consumer products that you can’t trust. That weird feeling in your stomach? It’s there for a reason.

These days, social media plays a huge part of consumer trust. If you read a positive review about a product you’re interested in, you’re most likely to share it. If that product exceeds your expectations after you’ve bought it, you’re might write a glowing review yourself. If you read something negative you’re most likely to not purchase it.


I listened to MY instincts after stumbling upon this product called Kidinsafe. Despite the seemingly nicely designed website, several red flags went off in my head immediately: there was no phone number or address on the site. There wasn’t even a company name. Doesn’t it seem strange that a company would put their on a product and stand behind it, but not be upfront about the company? Clearly if there’s no company name, I automatically think this product is shady and no one stands behind it.

A true company and strong brand is upfront about everything, especially on their website. What if there are glitches with the software? What if it doesn’t work? Who would a consumer turn to without any way to communicate? These types of warnings scream scam and rip-off to me.

I also DESPISE subscription model services. For example, Kidinsafe offers their cell phone spy product for $1 with a 30 day free trial. After the thirty days are up, they charge you upwards of $50.99 per month, depending on the price structure that you choose. With all the activity in our lives, who has to time to remember when to cancel such a product if you’re not satisfied? It’s my experience that when you want the service, just buy the service, and be done with it. We all have enough to worry about. Stick with superior products such as Highster Mobile which has a one-time, low cost price and NO monthly fees attached. You always know what you’re getting upfront.

Trust me: listen to your gut. Like I said, it’s there for a reason.


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