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Labor Day Weekend: How To Monitor Your Teen’s Location

Labor Day weekend is the moment to spend time with your family. Associated with this holiday is BBQ’s and going to parties. If you are the parent of a teen, you know they will want to go to their friend’s parties. With that being said, how can a parent track their location this Labor Day weekend? Here are some ways including using cell phone monitoring software.

Ask Them Where They Are Going To Be

cell phone monitoring software
Make sure you know where your child is during Labor Day weekend!


The simple way to know where your teen is going to be is by asking them. Where will you be going? What’s the address? Can I have the phone number of your friend’s Mom or Dad? That way, at least you know the address and have a phone number to confirm there is a party. To be safe, make sure the information your teen provides is correct by doing an online search.  

Check Their Social Media Accounts

cell phone monitoring software
Check all of your teen’s social media accounts, not just one.


If your teen is going to a party, they will definitely be posting about it on their social media accounts. Prior to your teen going, make sure you have access to their accounts either by knowing their passwords or by following them. So, while your teen is at a party, you can see their posts to confirm they are there and not somewhere they aren’t supposed to be.

Use A Cell Phone Monitoring Software

cell phone monitoring software
The GPS feature is especially helpful!


The easiest solution to monitoring your teen this Labor Day weekend is by using cell phone monitoring software. Two great programs that we highly recommend include DDI Utilities and Highster Mobile. With this software, a parent can track their teen’s iPhone or Android device activities. This includes emails, social media activity, photos, videos, texts, and much more!

The GPS tracking feature is especially helpful in monitoring their location. So, if your teen is supposed to be at a certain address for a party, you can use cell phone monitoring software to confirm they are there. What’s great about this type of software is that it’s undetectable and your teen will never know!

These are just some ways to make sure your teen is safe this Labor Day weekend. Want to learn more about cell phone monitoring software and other ways to protect your teen? Check out our other useful blogs on Safeguarde!

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