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List Of Apps That Spy On You Secretly!

Having instant access to the rest of the world means that sometimes, the rest of the world has instant access to you. It’s no secret that our luxury devices are listening in. Search engines records everything you punch in. It’s not always apps that spy on you. In 2015, the creators of the Brightest Flashlight App were charged with spying on users. Protecting your information and data is becoming increasingly important. Learn about the apps that spy on you and could be watching your device this very moment!

Why They Do It

  • To better target you for advertising.

Have you ever searched for something only to have ads for that same thing start to show up on your computer screen? Kind of creepy isn’t it? You’re more likely to buy things you’ve already shown interest in.

  • To sell your information to companies.

The flashlight app was monitoring the locations of its users and selling the information to third party advertisers. This is common practice today, even though it’s not ethical.

  • To steal your identity.

Addresses, passwords, bank info, and more. People tend to have this kind of information stored in their phones making them a target for identity thieves.

  • For the direct purpose of spying.

These apps directly monitor another person’s device. Reasons will vary as to why someone would need a spy program.  

The Types Of Apps That Spy On You

Social Media

Facebook was forced to change its privacy policy after the 2018 breach by Cambridge Analytica to collect information on its users. They did it because your social media account has all the information advertisers want. Even private messages can be hacked. Facebook’s reach goes beyond their own site. Many other sites allow you to log in using your Facebook credentials. They then can track your visits to that site. Same goes for all the “Like” buttons not actually located on Facebook’s main website. After collecting that data, they begin to target advertising to you based on your interests. They collect and file every “like”. While Facebook is the only one being discussed right now, all other forms of social media collect their own data based on your activity.

Spy Apps

These apps allow the user to see almost all activities on a device. Spy apps can see data like text messages, calls, GPS location, social media posts, and more. Many parents will download these types of programs to monitor and safeguard their children. Employers, with permission of course, will use them to ensure their company issued devices aren’t being abused. Whatever the reason, if a cell phone needs to be spied on, there is an app that can do it.

Fake Apps

They look legitimate enough when you download them. There was a fancy icon for the app and official information that looked legitimate. But shortly after downloading, all your information belongs to the malicious programmer who created the phony app. The Department of Consumer Affairs suggests keeping your settings updated and only using official app stores to avoid fake apps. Be on the lookout for spelling errors and fake reviews of the product. These apps will trick you by having the same marketing professionalism as real ones.


Think about who might be trying to access your device next time you use it. Be mindful of what you post on social media and what you decide to “like”. Remember, data is constantly being collected on what you do online. Try not to lend your phone out to people you don’t know and research apps before downloading them. Knowing this list of apps that spy on you will help in protecting your personal information.

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