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Lost Phone: What to Do If You Can’t Access Your Phone

Lost Phone & Lost My Mind…

My lost phone dilemma. Let me give you a scenario, and let me know if this sounds familiar.

You’ve got a huge presentation at work, you’re already 15 minutes late, the kids are dragging their feet to get out of the house, you’re frantically grabbing everything you need and rushing everybody out the door.

You make it. By the skin of your teeth. Lunches made. Kids on the bus. Racing to work with just minutes to spare. You go to grab your phone to text the babysitter and… wait, where’s my phone? Did I leave it in my purse? On the bed? Did I have it when I walked the dog… THE DOG!? I forgot to let the dog in. It is going to be one of those days.

HELP! I Can’t Access My Phone

After getting over the initial shock that you have a lost phone, which you’re seemingly addicted to and could possibly need therapy for in the near future, you relax a bit. It’s kind of nice to be unplugged, right? Wrong! As you pull into work, you realize the make-or-break photos you absolutely need for your presentation are on that phone.

DDI Utilities
It’s going to be one of those days.


Ok, are you with me? Does this type of thing happen to you as often as it does for me? What do you do? Freak out and call in sick from the parking lot (don’t laugh, I have considered it), call the babysitter to bring you your phone–nope, you have no idea what her phone number is because it is on your phone. I won’t make you wait for the answer, I will tell you what I did.

I went straight to my office, opened up my computer, and downloaded DDI Utilities Data Extractor.

Quick history: I had a girlfriend who suspected her husband of cheating. She used this system and was able to download his texts, pictures, messages, and phone calls. It’s really meant for data recovery, but she used it to catch a cheater… which is how I even know about this software.   

Ok, back to my dilemma-averted. I downloaded the software, literally in minutes, and voila! I had access to my photos right on my computer. I pulled them into my presentation and it went off without a hitch. My boss had no idea that I was contemplating careericide just an hour before.

Even better, I had access to all of my contacts so I could call the babysitter too!

If you are a phone loser like me (one who loses her phone constantly), downloading a program like this even as a security measure could save you. I’ve actually used it more than once since purchasing.

Save your data and your sanity with DDI Utilities data backup software. Check out a review and demo video here for more information.

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