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Massage Envy

Massage Envy: 180 Sexual Misconduct Allegations and Counting


The popular massage and spa chain Massage Envy is the latest business under scrutiny. Last month, it was discovered that there were 180 cases of sexual misconduct filed against the chain. Their employees had ignored and mishandled these serious cases. Some of them date all the way back to 2015. 

Not only is it astonishing how Massage Envy allowed sexual predators to work for them, but how they didn’t address these cases properly.


What Massage Envy Is Doing About These Sexual Allegations


DDI UtilitiesIn light of these sexual misconduct allegations, Massage Envy is now taking steps to prevent this from ever occurring again.

On December 5th, 2017, they released a letter on their commitment to safety. They detail what they are focusing on in the future to make their business safe. The biggest move the chain made was partnering with RAINN, an anti-sexual violence organization.


This safety plan includes:


  • Prevention: Mandated background and reference checks, and annual training.
  • Reporting: Franchises will provide local law enforcement contact information if there is a sexual assault allegation.
  • Investigations: Massage Envy is creating a third-party resource list for franchises to refer to amidst sexual assault allegations.
  • Review: RAINN will review their policies, procedures, and investigation and reporting regulations.
  • Support: They are creating a victim support service through the National Sexual Assault Hotline.
  • Guidance: Formation of the Massage Envy Safety Advisory Council which will include a member of RAINN and Danielle Dick, one of the sexual assault victims and supporter of the #MeToo campaign.


Along with these efforts, Massage Envy could use a monitoring software like DDI Utilities on their company iPads to ensure their employees are following protocol.

Massage Envy is making the safety of their customers their number one priority. The CEO of Massage Envy Joseph Magnacca said in the commitment letter, “Throughout Massage Envy’s 15-year history, safety in the treatment room has been – and always will be – paramount.”

Hopefully, Massage Envy sticks to their safety plan and no more women are sexually assaulted at their franchises.

Watch below to see exactly what happened and to listen to victims’ stories.


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