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How Mercy found her daughter Amor using the Hero Searches public record search engine

The public record search has been a rescue for so many people and testimonies are being made from all parts of the world on how the search engine has been of help. The testimonies given are countless and go beyond imagination. Although so many testimonies are very moving, this testimony from a lady named Mercy on how the public search engine helped her get her daughter whom she adopted 20 years ago was very catching. Mercy begins by saying you will never know the importance of something unless you try. And she adds that she wished she knew earlier enough to act.

In 1990, Mercy a grade 12 student got pregnant with her classmate. By the time she was realizing that she was pregnant the father of the child had moved with his family to another state but did not know that Mercy was pregnant. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that you could use a reverse number lookup cell phone at the time. At this incident, Mercy was even afraid of letting her parents know for she has been a religious girl that has been brought up with the doctrines of the Bible and getting pregnant was always out of the question. The only option that Mercy had was to conduct an abortion because she felt she could not withstand the shame and embarrassments that comes with early pregnancy. Mercy also felt that the father of the child she was carrying had offended her and she didn’t want anything to do with him and therefore did not both to know where he went.


After some few months, Mercy faced one of her church mates and narrated to her what had happened and what she intended to do although her conscious was disturbed by the thought of an abortion. With the help of other church members, she was able to talk to her parents about it and her parents understood and accepted to take good care of her and the baby. Mercy later gave birth safely but her parents got an accident and died as they were coming to see the baby in the hospital. With this terrible occurrence, Mercy was sure that she could not take care of the baby and her little brother, therefore, opted to give the baby away for adoption at 3 weeks. The family that adopted the child named her Amor.

When Amor was of age, the family told her about her mother and that she was not really their child. Although disappointed, she thanked the family for giving her a life that she could not have gotten if she stayed with her mother who was unable. Again although she felt upset with her mum for having given her away, she felt she wanted to know her whereabouts. She wondered if they really exist. She wondered how they looked like. Whether they were any biological medical problems that run in the family that she may need to know? And so many other questions. She also wondered about her dad, why he left. This is when a public background check came in handy.


At the time that Amor was thinking and worried about her parents and other family members, her mother was also being disturbed by the thoughts of her daughter. She wanted to know how her daughter was and if she was still alive and how she looked like. Through the Heroes Searches public records search, Mercy managed to get the people that had adopted her daughter and managed to know that she was fine. This free criminal background check is so cool that Amor’s father also came to learn that Mercy had his child through this search. He was eager to meet his family and reunite with his daughter whom she had never met. They searched for each other through the Hero searches public records search and they were able to unite.

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