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Mobile Apps That Spy SMS and More Without Hidden Charges!

Imagine being able to monitor a certain person using apps that spy sms or text messages as well as all activities on the phone. This is very viable for those who either have investigative minds or monitoring duties, like me.

Let me partake to you what happened to my son ever since I provided him a mobile postpaid plan. His interest to utilize it gradually increases every time he discovers something new brought about by internet accessibility. Although my main purpose of providing such plan is for updating his whereabouts and emergency purposes. Where he will specifically be able to call or text me anytime if not, contact me through Viber, a mobile application that allows you to make phone calls and send text messages to all other users.

Lately, he has been hooked with web sites particularly Youtube and Facebook. Not a day goes by where he fails to check on these two.I tried to comprehend his enthusiasm at first because I don’t want to make him feel deprived of technological perks. But the moment came wherehe lost focus on school works and attention span dwindled on a typicalday-to-day conversation at home, I knew I had to make a move.

Admittedly, it was difficult to look for something that would help me in parenting; budget-wise, it had to accord with our household budget; until I came across a review on different cell phone spy apps. With only a monthly payment of $29.99, cancelable anytime, I was able to purchase Auto Forward Spy that helped me monitor everything my son access on his mobile.

What I Discovered upon Auto Foward Spy Usage

Auto Forward Spy enabled the transfer of extracted data from my son’s phone to the control panel on my mobile. Every mobile activity is viewable giving utmost convenience. It gave me a reassuring feeling that in spite of work constraints, I am able to monitor my child all day long.

Through this app I have discovered what topics he most often searches on the web and series of animated videos played on Youtube. As well his status, photos, videos, and even exchange of messages to his friends (and some I don’t know of) on Facebook. Not only that, Auto Forward Spy can track text messages, GPS location, emails, calls, contacts, and even has a stealth camera feature that allowed me to capture current his surroundings. Undoubtedly, this is my most recommended among paid apple and android spy apps.

To date, he has a budding interest on this downloadable game called Pokemon Go which is very famous on people of all ages, worldwide. To my surprise, while I am able to spy on his mobile activities, this game which requires internet connection, accesses my son’s entire Google account. It can view his Google Docs, search and maps history.

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