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Mobile Spy Apps for iPhone and Android Users

Did you know that there are mobile spy apps for iPhone and Android devices? Some of which need jail breaking for Apple devices, some don’t specifically Highster Mobile and Auto Foward Spy apps.  One particular app called DDI Utilities specializes not only in monitoring mobile activities but also data backup and recovery.

Being an employer

Although these apps are tailor made for those with monitoring responsibilities, let me just focus on how I utilized it as an employer. Being a boss of my own company entails a whole lot of work especially in making sure that quality products be delivered to our clients. And in order to achieve this, I ensure my employees’ performance in the workplace. If you are like me, who provide individual mobile phones for corporate use, I would suggest on investing spy apps. It was considerably the most practical I have ever capitalized in for my company’s development. I was able to monitor employees’ actions during work hours by just checkingthe control panel on my desktop and/or phone which serves as a dashboard for extracted info from their mobiles.

Aware of free gps phone tracker apps offered, I specifically chose a paid one which is called SurePoint Spy since the phones I gave were android and it requires a one-time payment of $69.99 annually without hidden charges and additional fees. I was then able to track who among the employees were sneaking in logging their Facebook accounts while working. I find it very important that they follow strictly the rules I gave of them in terms of mobile usage; that social media logs, private text messages and web searches not related to work can only be done during break time.

With the spy app, I have access to their incoming and outgoing emails complete with details; as I was able to check on which emails were sent at the designated time I assigned to them. I don’t need to get hold of their phones from time to time which is way awkward as I have pictured out and hire someone who will physically go around the area to do the monitoring. Info on their every mobile activity goes directly in the control panel of my mobile / desktop (depending on what I use).The amount of time and energy I saved by utilizing this app is just incomparable.

Privacy matters

Whether you are using paid or mobile text free spy app, be very keen on legalities involving privacy;unlike in Russia where this kind of “investigating” is legal. It still varies depending on what state you are from. Better consult to authorities or have a research of your own before usage to be safe.

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