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Mobile View Now Review


Did you ever buy something and then instantly regret it??

spy text messages

I needed a cell phone spy app and my friend recommended a cell phone spy software app when I was telling her that I was worried about my daughter’s text messages and general online behavior. I needed answers FAST.

She was receiving hundreds of text messages a day from a stranger, and these texts were bordering on X-rated. I looked online for some options and decided on Mobile View Now because the price was what I could afford. I tried and it was REALLY AWFUL! The app was hard to use and clunky to download. I kept installing and uninstalling, and it didn’t work.

So naturally, I tried to contact the company and was given some weird message about Magic Jack. I have no idea what that is, but there was no live person to help me and I was really frustrated. I lost my money and was stuck with an app that doesn’t work. SCAM!  Don’t buy!!

spy text messages

But having one bad product didn’t solve my problem, so I knew I had to find another brand. I did more research and found Highster Mobile online. This was a superior product in every way – it was easy to buy, easy to install, and I was finally able to see ALL her text messages. It was better in every way – and still low cost!!! The functionality and technical aspect was so much better than Mobile View Now. What a relief. I also think that other reviews really speak volumes, so read the Highster Mobile review here.

If you’re considering Mobile View Now, I’m here to tell you that it’s a scam, a terrible product, and a huge waste of time and money. Don’t buy it!


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