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Modern Hobbies in the Modern Age

Technological innovations don’t only make business transactions and household chores a lot more efficient but they have also significantly affected how we pass – enjoy – our free time. And we all know how far enjoying the little things can improve our way of living. In fact, medical experts claim that having or pursuing a hobby can positively impact our overall well-being. 

Traditional Recreational Activities vs Modern Man Hobbies

The origins of recreation go a long way – even heroes sought things to kill their boredom or mask their loneliness at times when wars ceased. But true enough, lots of changes have happened, affecting how everyone spends quality time with themselves or with their loved ones. And since hobbies are scientifically proven to be beneficial (which we will be discussing later),  let’s take a closer look at the differences. 

Traditionally, people spend time outdoors – from fishing to hiking to camping. With minimal to no manufactured equipment, they get to connect with nature and enjoy their out-of-office hours. And in so many ways, hobbies in this modern age are similar to the recreational activities of our ancestors. Probably the key difference is that there’s now technology infusion involved

For instance, kids still play basketball on the streets, but most of them spend more time playing it on consoles or smartphones. 

Modern Hobbies for Men/Women: Impacts and Benefits

Before we dig deeper into the various modern activities and their tech-advanced tools, let’s further understand why you must have a hobby in the first place. 

  • Sharper Brain Function

Hobbies – especially those that require strategic or logical thinking – are known to sharpen minds. Some experts even say that creative hobbies can help mold successful entrepreneurs. Pursuing new hobbies could help you develop new skills which could then create new neural pathways across your brain, including your memory.

  • Stronger Immune System

When we say modern hobby, we don’t merely mean Netflix and chill or sleepover video gaming. There’s actually a myriad of tech-based and tech-infused activities that require physical strength – from low to moderate to high intensity. And eventually, the said hobby can reduce your risk of diabetes, heart complications, or other diseases.

  • Better Mental Health

Combining sharper brain function and a stronger immune system would most likely result in better mental health. People who pursue things they love are proven to be more energetic and optimistic. And they are less likely to suffer mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

  • Higher-Quality Time Spend

Hobbies are also referred to as pastimes as they are – literally – used to pass time. But in a deeper sense, these can turn what’s supposed to be a meaningless waste into wisely spent free time. 

  • Healthier Relationships

Some hobbies are meant to be savored alone and some are designed to be shared with our favorite (trusted) people. Regardless, both categories have their fair share of benefits. And if it’s the latter, building stronger and healthier relationships with your loved ones is a plus. 

  • Overall Sanity

Living every single day stuck in the same old routine could surely drive anyone insane. But quitting our 9 to 5 is definitely way easier said than done. Your bread-and-butter puts food on your table and pays the bills so if you just can’t quit your day job and you end up embracing the rat race, we don’t judge you (in fact, we can’t blame you). So instead, we’ll recommend you to at least find and get a hobby, and try to live and not just to survive.

Do Hobbies in Modern Society Still Matter? 

Yes – a resounding yes, hobbies still (and we’re sure will always be) matter even in this digitized society and modern age. In fact, technological innovations have positively impacted lifestyles – from recreational activities to creative hobbies. 

  • Better Hardware. The equipment and tools used for entertainment and leisure activities are now more high-end, more tech-advanced. Hence, we get to enjoy our hobbies better.
  • Efficient Software. Tech-based programming and algorithms also make everything more accessible and efficient, resulting in more satisfactory experiences.
  • Wider Options. Technology also opens more doors, offering more variations or versions of traditional activities and hobbies. 

List of Modern Hobbies You and Your Loved Ones Could Try

As we’ve previously mentioned, modern hobbies are like the leveled-up version of traditional ones. So it’s just a matter of discovering new hobbies you can pursue and checking out reliable tools you can use.

  • Arts and Crafts


If you’re into arts and crafts, digital and virtual arts are the hottest trends. If you’re into drawing, you could try digital sketching and use platforms like Autodesk Sketchbook, Mega Creator, and Pixelmator Pro. 3D sculpting is also a thing now, and there are several tools like Mudbox and ZBrush to help you out. 

If you’re into photography, there are several tech innovations to help you capture memories and preserve beauty – from spy lenses to drones to underwater cameras. Newer and more advanced devices are also introduced such as the Canon Powershot zoom which – because of its advanced features – is more of like a digital monocular than a digital camera. 

  • Sports and Fitness


From computerized sports scoring to wearable fitness devices, yes, technology has gone that far. If you’ve always been a fan of outdoor activities, some cool innovations you could invest in are holographic sports sunglasses, fire-powered smartphone chargers, thermal night vision cameras, electricity-generating backpacks, and location-identifying gloves. 

If you’re a fitness buff or a health-conscious, there are now AI personal trainers like Artfit, Mirror, and Peloton Guide. You can also invest in smart and innovative gym equipment such as iSelect – dumbbells that have a built-in voice-enabled weight control. Various wearable devices can now also detect cognitive decline and mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

  • Entertainment and Gaming


If you’re a gamer, then you’ve probably tried video games. But unlike those huge machines that you need to insert coins to in exchange for timed gaming, there are now all sorts of consoles, apps, devices, and platforms. Tech giants Google, Microsoft, and Sony now offer cloud gaming. Famous games like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft offer virtual reality, and Roblox and Fortnite feature metaverse games. Square Enix and Ubisoft also plan on incorporating NFTs and blockchain into their games.

Entertainment is also no longer limited to Facebook, Netflix, or Spotify. Modern entertainment nowadays involves AI-based streaming platforms like ClippTV, smart home appliances like SMASH, and immersive technology like AR/VR. 

  • Events and Travels

Tech innovations in tours and travel started with contactless payments. Now,  airports and hotels have also adopted touchless technology – from sensor-activated faucets and toilet flushes to voice-activated facilities and furniture.

Moreover, there are now virtual tours you can join, enabling you to see the wonders of the world and experience different cultures even in the comfort of your own homes. Also, nowadays, various tourist spots use robots to welcome and assist guests and live virtual events feature real-time language translation.

  • Reading and Writing


Yes, even writing and reading have been influenced by technology. There are now voice-enabled notepads and worksheets that can put your ideas into writing more efficiently. 

And for bookworms, there are also several tools and accessories you can craze about aside from the latest generation of Kindle. Smart innovations such as book vending machines, book-scented stuff, plantable books, bed prism spectacles, point-and-click dictionaries, and so much more.


Let’s not take the importance of play too lightly. And we hope, with these tech-advanced platforms and tools, you can find time to live a little more and spice up your tiring – boring – adult life with interesting hobbies. After all, life is meant to be lived.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Has modern life limited the time we spend on hobbies?

No. The modern and digital age has even made hobbies and recreational activities more accessible, efficient, and satisfactory.

  • What are some modern indoor hobbies I can introduce to my kids?

Most kids like video gaming. But to also encourage them to socialize, you could let them try cloud gaming or sports via immersive platforms. You could also introduce them to music, arts, photography, or even baking.

  • What are the most popular hobbies of Gen Z?

Recent studies showed that 29% of Gen Z are into photography, 16% are into meditation, and 13% are into knitting. 

  • What hobbies can help me form new circles of friends?

You could try team virtual sports or cloud gaming, join group hiking or camping, and be a part of online workout classes or fitness clubs.

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