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Monitoring Mobile Phones the Cheaper Method To Examine

Today’s technological developments paved the way for cheaper alternatives of tracking cell phones. Whether you are a parent wanting to monitor child’s whereabouts, a boss of your own company who has responsibilities over employees’ work performance or a partner sensing an extramarital affair, you have all the reasons to investigate. Knowingly,the cost of investigating is too high for your budget; the need to hire a credible investigator, all the fees and processes you have to deal with discourages you prior its pursuance. So here you are, wanting to investigate someone so bad but don’t have enough to sustain for its services. Let me introduce you to mobile trackers apps and the convenience that goes with it.

Mobile Tracker Apps

These cell phone gps tracker apps are offered at not more than $29.99 per month; without hidden charges, cancellable anytime. It allows remote mobile to mobile investigation! With its enhanced control panel feature, all information from target mobile is synced to the panel found on your mobile in real-time! Still unconvinced? I have here a list of my top 3 most recommended apps with likely same features.

  1. Auto Forward Spy


  • Spy on SMS text messages
  • Call recording
  • Monitor social media accounts
  • Track target via GPS with 5-minute tracking interval
  • Monitor and record email
  • See all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Access contacts
  • View browser history
  • Take photos remotely
  • Observe all activities via control panel
  1. Highster Mobile


  • Monitor sms text messages even deleted ones
  • GPS location wherein positions are uploaded on periodic, regular intervals in Google Map
  • Live control panel
  • Access iMessages even deleted ones
  • Track phone and video logs
  • Trace calls
  • Browser history
  • Monitors social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as among the most popular)
  1. Sure Point Spy


  • Monitor calls
  • View text messages
  • Track location
  • Read emails
  • Review photos
  • Watch videos
  • Monitor Facebook and social media sites
  • Monitor skype calls
  • View contacts
  • View notes
  • Read calendar
  • Review search history
  • Lock target phone
  • Track continuously
  • Live control panel
  • Monitor current state of target device

Considerations before product purchase

Make sure to do some research before purchasing these apps or any product that is. Take a look at their website and be very keen on details. To ensure that it is not a bogus one, consider checking if the website has a telephone number as it is a good sign that a company is legitimate. Second, check on fees; remember that all spy apps scam ones excluded come with a price. Lastly, make sure the company offers a customer service support for after sales queries. Email is good but it is definitely not enough which is self-explanatory.

Added info

Know that these iphone tracker apps may locate you in reverse specifically if you’re a Pokemon Go player. It enables the app to access your entire Google account without warnings about extensive permissions. Read more about by clicking on the link provided.

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