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Moving Towards Productivity

We’ve all heard those moving company horror stories: the truck went to the wrong street, the truck lost half my stuff, the truck never showed up at all. Distraction comes in all forms, from excessively loud music or eating behind the wheel, which seem pretty benign, to the most dangerous: texting while driving. According to a Searcy Law article, drivers who text take their eyes off the road an average of 4.6 seconds out of every 6 seconds. Think about it: not only is it a liability to your company, but your customers’ worldly possessions are in the hands of that distracted driver. Dangerous driving is inattentive driving.

Monitoring worker activity is a tough challenge once that employee is off site. Managers can’t always keep an eye on everything their staff is doing. The creation of cell phone monitoring has paved the way for companies to keep track of their workers’ activities using their mobile phones and tablets. This is especially critical for companies focused on accountability, like moving companies.

Autoforward ensures you that your employees are reaching the highest levels of productivity at all times. Clients entrust you to deliver their couch on time. Why should you expect any less value from your employees?

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