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My Android Is Not Receiving Texts. What Should I Do?

Despite the many instant messaging apps available these days, it’s important for users to communicate through text. This is because not everyone has access to popular messaging apps. And even then, not everyone is fond of connecting their phones to the internet regularly. Not to mention, there are areas wherein a stable internet connection may not be available. So in such incidents, it’s always good to have text messaging as a backup option. 

But what happens if your phone suddenly stops receiving text messages? If you have an Android smartphone that has stopped receiving messages, here are some ways you can fix it:

Causes Of Not Receiving Texts On Android 

There are some reasons why you are not receiving texts on your Android device or you encounter a problem with text messages not sending. Often, this is because of a problem with your network. Your network may be undergoing some problems, which is causing the Android to not receive texts. In such an event, there is nothing you can do but wait for service to be restored. 

It could also be caused by your phone, which could be related to a problem with a recent update to your operating system. Or another culprit behind your phone not receiving text messages could be the messaging app itself. 

The other possible reasons text messages are not sending from your phone include:

    • Insufficient memory
    • Device switch
    • Messaging app glitch
    • Misconfiguration of phone settings
    • Software issue 

In any scenario, check your phone settings to make sure you have not accidentally activated Airplane mode. You should also check to see if your location has coverage. These are the two things you need to do first whenever your Android is not receiving texts. 

To send an SMS to another person, these things need to be working properly. If one of these things is affected, you could have a problem sending or receiving text messages. Once you encounter an Android not receiving texts error, you may experience a delay with your text messages on your phone.  


11 Solutions To Fix An Android Phone Not Receiving Texts 

not receiving texts on android

If you are asking “Why is my Android phone not receiving texts?”, it may be because you are encountering one of the problems mentioned above. So, how do you fix this phone issue so you can start receiving text messages and send out texts once again? Here are a few ways you can try to fix this Android not receiving texts issue:

Check Airplane Mode

The fastest way you can check if there is anything wrong with your phone is to see Airplane mode is enabled. Android phones with Airplane mode enabled on them means that every form of wireless communication gets shut down. So if you are expecting an important SMS to arrive, make sure you have disabled this mode. 

Check Your Reception

Another possible reason for the Android phone not receiving texts could be because of poor network reception. If you step into an area with poor reception, you may not be able to send or receive texts from anyone. The only time your SMS messages will come in is when you have returned to an area with good reception. 

Check Your Blocked Numbers

It’s possible you have accidentally blocked the number of a person who is texting you. Any texts coming in and going out to that number will automatically be blocked until you unblock it. 

Delete Old Messages

Another reason your phone may not be receiving text messages is that you already maxed out your storage. If you’re the type of person who saves your past texts and other phone data, it may be time to do a spring cleaning of your Android phone.

Increase Text Message Limit

Android phones typically have a maximum number of texts that can be stored based on the person’s carrier plan. If you exceed this limit, you will no longer get to see the text messages sent to your phone. But you can easily remedy this by upgrading your carrier plan. 

Restart Your Phone

If you have checked the above things but you’re still not receiving texts on your phone, restart your device. This is particularly the case if you have updated your operating system and have not rebooted your phone. Once your device restarts, any updates will be installed right away and then recheck your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. 

Deregister iMessage

If your Android is not receiving texts from an iPhone, the iPhone is likely the issue. If you previously utilized an iPhone, you will need to disable iMessage so you can start receiving texts from your contacts again.  

Update Your Messages App

Your problem in receiving and sending text messages may be because of a glitch in your Messages app. The best way you can fix this is by going to the Google Play Store to check if there was a recent update to your Messages app. 

Clear the App’s Cache

Another reason why you may be having trouble sending or receiving text messages on your phone is your cache is already full. Once this is full, it slows down your device significantly. By regularly clearing your cache, you can improve your phone’s performance. You can do this by heading to Settings and looking for the Apps sub-menu. 

Use Another App

If you still can’t send or receive texts on your phone, it may be best you utilize a third-party messaging app. Think of it as online texting since you are using Wi-Fi to send your text to another phone. This time, however, you are not relying on a phone number to receive your texts. 

Insert Your SIM Card in Another Phone

If all else fails, you can always remove your SIM card from your phone and insert it into another device. Try to see if this option enables you to start texting other phone numbers once again. If the SIM card is the problem, you may need to get in touch with your network provider to request a new SIM card so you can start texting other people once again. 

There are plenty of reasons why your phone could stop receiving texts from your friends and loved ones. Typically, you will need to check your phone’s Settings to see if there is anything that could be hindering you from texting your friends. But with our tips above, you’ll be able to see what is stopping your phone from texting other people right away. 

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