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(Not) Keeping Up With The Joneses

Parenting is a challenge, every day of the week. We all think we need to be perfect or close to perfect parents all the time. But once you get on the playground and start chatting with other moms and dads, you realize that you’re not alone in your fear and half of the parents are faking it. No matter how many classes you take, or how much second-hand advice you get, the path to understanding is paved with first-hand mistakes.

According to a recent Washington Post article, perfect parental alignment is difficult to come by, and sometimes we need to just back off and relinquish control of everything. Here’s an old couple argument: husband wants the child to excel because all of his golfing buddies have kids in the best ivy-league schools. Mom wants Dad to let their son be, and thinks Johnny should excel at his own pace.

Keeping up with the Joneses is a dangerous proposition. Not every kid will be the valedictorian. Not every kid will go to the best school, have the best score, and be captain of the football team. Imposing unrealistic expectations on your kids is unfair and can impede a kid’s social growth. Allowing your child to grow into exactly what they’re going to be is critical, with only one expectation: always try their best in everything they do. Every child and family is different and not being the Joneses may turn out to be a good thing.

However, child safety can be one parental alignment that exists in every household (even the Joneses). And these days, safety extends beyond making sure your child gets on the bus at the bus stop. Cell phone monitoring is becoming an important part of keeping your kids safe, as technology imposes more and more on our lifestyles. Kids these days have their phones pretty much glued to them at all times. Wouldn’t you like to know what they’re doing on that phone that they never let it go? With Autoforward cell phone spy software you can see everyone they text, call, follow/friend on social media, email and everyone that sends them the same.

Protecting your kids isn’t the same anymore. You can just look down the block and make sure they’re not running into the street. Online predators and cybercrimes are a real thing that can happen to any unsuspecting young internet user. Keep your children safe by using Autoforward today!

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