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cell phone tracking software can turn the phone off from a remote location

Oh No, I Lost My Phone

Most people have had it happen to them at one time or another. You need it, but it looks like you’ve now lost it. You had it just a minute ago and then suddenly it was just gone. And whether it was your car keys, your wallet, or maybe just your glasses, you’re going to have some serious inconvenience if you can’t find it and get it back again. And according to a CNBC report, 34% of Americans don’t secure their smartphone, not even with a simple lock code.

Unlike misplacing an umbrella or losing your favorite pen, there are some things you just really can’t afford to misplace, and one of the top ones is your mobile device. Losing your mobile phone or iPad is like losing your wallet, your camera and your briefcase all at once, and there are a number of financial, personal, and security issues that come into play.

On the financial side there is the simple issue that someone could be making calls to China on your mobile plan, but that’s not even the biggest financial concern anymore. No, the bigger issue may be the credit card data, passwords, and pre-registered access to shopping sites and membership organizations that is stored in your phone’s memory and browser history.

From a personal standpoint there could be all kinds of photos and private information stored on your device, which you would not want seen by strangers or even friends who might find your phone and look at it before returning it to you.

From a security perspective there are things like your home address and the names, phone numbers and addresses of all your contacts. Maybe you’ve stored important documents on your phone or accessed your bank, credit card or retirement accounts. None of those are things you would want to share with the random stranger who might find your phone in a parking lot, restaurant or taxi.

All those problems arise if you lose your own phone, but what if the lost phone or mobile device is one you supplied to an employee of your company? Of course the user’s personal information is still at risk, but so is your company’s confidential and proprietary information. Anything from access to your CRM to copies of price sheets and quotes could get into the wrong hands. Although the personal risk and liability are still large, the risk to your company could be catastrophic.

One thing that can protect you from your own or your employees’ loss of a mobile device is a cell phone tracking software package. Modern tracking software has a number of integrated features that help to reduce the risk that is presented when a phone, iPad or other mobile device is suddenly not in its user’s possession anymore.

Since cell phone monitoring software provides a remote connection to the phone, it can help actually find it.

Using the phone’s integrated GPS capabilities, the tracking software can provide a log of the GPS coordinates for where the phone has been every 5 minutes. A phone that fell out of a pocket and is sitting somewhere might be easy to find if given a general indication of where to look.

Another capability would be to activate the phone’s camera remotely. Using the cell phone tracking software, you can take pictures with the phone’s camera from a remote location, and the photos are automatically added to the remote log. In the case of a stolen phone, this could provide valuable evidence about who has the phone, where they are, and what they are doing.

And even if it can’t help recover your phone, the tracking software can turn the phone off from a remote location. So if someone has the phone and wants to use it whether to utilize its voice and data networks or to access information in its memory, you can essentially lock them out by locking down the phone.

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