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On Or Off The Grid? How Social Media Affects Our Lives

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are just some of the social media websites that people turn to every day. What is the effect of all this oversharing on our children, and how is affecting our parenting skills?

I’m a mother of two children who are too young to use Facebook yet. And yet I have a cousin who asked that I “friend” her 11 year old daughter. Really?! Why? Why would I want to friend her daughter? I clearly saw this as a desperate attempt for her daughter to get likes on her Facebook page. I was dumbfounded. Why would a mother care that much about her child’s online popularity?

Then I realized that she’s not the only parent. Some parents encourage this behavior. Some kids are embarrassed by it. But together, we’re creating a whole different world for our kids that is completely different from the one we grew up with. And it all comes down to oversharing and privacy issues. How much is too much?

According to parents.com,

“Incredibly, some children who aren’t old enough to be out of booster seats yet are already asking how many ‘likes’ a post about them got. Yet other kids may be mortified by their parents’ sharing habits. ‘Our children have very different ideas of privacy,’ says Patrick Riccards, a father of two in Princeton, New Jersey. ‘Our son who’s 9 cringes when he learns that we’ve put a picture of him on Facebook or that his aunt posted a baby picture of him on his birthday. He wants a life off the grid — other than the life he’s building for himself on Minecraft.’ Riccards says his daughter, 7, is completely different: ‘She is aching to get on social media. I’ll take a picture or I’ll laugh at something she says, and she immediately asks, are you going to put that on Facebook? Then she asks what people say about her in the comments.’”

how to spy on someones cell phone for free

If you’re looking to learn how to spy on someone’s cell phone for free, you’re not alone. The need for a cell phone spy software like Highster Mobile is definitely a modern one, but it’s not as foreign as you think. Highster Mobile works by extracting data from a target phone that the user can then view from a dashboard. Parents can see all social media activity on their child’s cell phone, including all Facebook posts, Tweets, photos, videos, emails, call logs and much more.

Although Highster Mobile is not a free app, it comes with more powerful features and live customer service, which the free apps don’t offer.

It’s interesting the way social media has split the child and parent population – some families prefer to be off the grid, and some live their entire lives on the grid. I also have another cousin who can’t eat an apple without telling the whole world about it.

Is it a gender issue? Are girls more likely to want that social acceptance more than boys?

Whether you’re a parent of a girl or boy, at some point in her or his live, you can guarantee there’s going to be social media activity. Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software is a spy app that lets any parent view the contents of a cell phone and then take action to prevent any destructive behavior.

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