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Online Dating Safety Tips: 10 Ways To Tell Your Online Crush Might Be Not Who They Say They Are

Millions of relationships start out online these days. The online dating is one of the best places to find your perfect match. However, not everyone online is who they say they are and there are a lot of scammers and dangerous people out there you don’t want to get involved with. So how does one protect themselves from catfishers or other scammers? Here are 10 online dating safety tips to help you decide if the person you are seeing online isn’t who they say they are.

Online Dating Safety Tips You Need To Know

They came out of nowhere

You weren’t advertising that you were single, they just popped up in a friend request and started messaging you. While this may seem sweet and romantic that they just fell in love with only your profile pic, chances are it’s a scammer.

– Protect Yourself:

Don’t friend anyone you don’t know personally and don’t accept messages from strangers.

You have no friends in common

Most people find their ideal partner through friends even when online dating. Especially if you are in an area where everyone seems to know everyone be wary of anybody who is not connected to any of your friends.  

If you are friended by someone with zero connection to you, check to see who they are friends with are they of the opposite sex? Are they local or all over the place? A profile with few or no local friends is a giant red flag for a fake account.

– Protect Yourself:

If you do have friends in common ask around about this person’s character before you invest too much time and energy into them.

They are asking for money

Most normal people don’t ask people they just met for money. Even if it’s been a few weeks, if they are asking for money or constantly having “financial emergencies” come up, it could be a sign that something is not right.

– Protect Yourself:

Block them the instant they start asking for money. There is no good reason for them to be asking you in the first place.

They skimp with the photos

They have one generic profile pic and the rest is just generic posts. It’s okay for someone to be reluctant to post selfie after selfie online, but if they aren’t even sharing photos of themselves to you, then something is up.

– Protect Yourself:

Do a google photo search on the photos they send of you to make sure they aren’t stealing someone else’s identity. If the photos they are sending look like stock, doctored or just old photos you may be dealing with a scammer.

They seem too good to be true

This person seems to be everything you are looking for in a person, wealthy, good looking with an excellent or exciting career. They know exactly what to say to you to get you to fall in love with them. You found the perfect partner…not quite.

Remember nobody is perfect. There are people who prey on others’ loneliness for their own amusement or financial benefit.  

– Protect Yourself:

Do a background check on this person to see if they are the real deal.  Very few people are medal of honor recipients, and a government agent or spy wouldn’t tell you they are one. Medical License numbers, Bar records and more of these kinds of details are easily verifiable.

They never want to talk on the phone

If someone is genuinely interested in you they’d want to talk more than just via Facebook chat. They would want to hear your voice and probably even FaceTime. If someone is not who they say they are then they are more likely to avoid talking with you on the phone or face to face.

– Protect Yourself:

After a few emails and chats you should feel comfortable enough with this person to get on the phone and talk.If your new internet squeeze is avoiding making that first phone call you could be on the hook with a catfisher or scammer. Get out of that relationship fast.

They are avoiding meeting you or are pushing to meet too soon

There is an acceptable time someone should be comfortable meeting with somebody they met online. Usually it is after you’ve been FaceTiming and chatting for a few weeks. If someone is pushing you to meet (especially abroad or someplace uncomfortably private) they might be a sexual predator or human trafficker. If they don’t want you to meet them at all they could be a catfisher or scammer.

– Protect Yourself:

Always meet in a well lit public place for the first time. Take separate cars and let your friends or family know who you are with and where you will be. Again doing a background check on this person may be a good idea to make sure you know who you are actually dealing with.

They are pushing you to send nudes or other inappropriate photos

Sexting between two consenting adults is totally common, but if this person is asking for nudes or other inappropriate pictures right off the bat, they could be using those photos for something sinister like blackmail.

– Protect Yourself:

Never send nudes to anyone you don’t feel 100% comfortable with. If someone is pressuring you it is time to cut them off. If they can’t respect your boundaries they aren’t worth your time anyway.

They never post anything personal

You see their posts are few and far between. It’s either a meme or an article, but they are never tagged in any photos or post pics of their own. While some people do limit their social media presence you should at least see them tagged in other photos or have some sense of who they are as a person via their posts, especially if they are messaging you via social.

A skimpy timeline is a red flag that you might not be dealing with a real person.

– Protect Yourself:

Check out this person’s social accounts. If you find they aren’t telling the whole story, maybe it’s time to cut them loose.

You have a bad gut feeling

Always trust your gut. If something feels off about a person you are probably right. Maybe it was something they said or did, or didn’t say. There is something that you can’t put your finger on, but makes you uneasy about this person. These feelings should never be ignored.

– Protect Yourself:

If you are worried you are being too paranoid a criminal background check might ease your fears. Scammers, sexual predators and other nefarious people are lurking online waiting for their next victim, don’t be one of them by following these online dating safety tips. 

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