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Parental Monitoring Apps: Benefits of Monitoring Text Messages Remotely

Parental Monitoring Apps: Benefits of Monitoring Text Messages Remotely

Most people say that in today’s social climate, parenting is much more difficult than it was in the past. This is mainly attributed to the fact that kids are constantly using technology. This fact makes monitoring apps to observe children’s internet use and monitor text messages on iPhone or Android mobile devices highly important. 

It can be a pain to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advances and the inherent danger in using them irresponsibly. So, it has become the top priority for most parents to protect their children from harm that the internet and other technology use pose. It is quite fortunate for parents that people have thought out ways to combat the growing influence of the web and apps on their kids.

How Children Are Obsessed With Their Phones

It is no secret the level of fixation and dependence today’s children have on the internet and their phones. It’s true that most everybody can’t stand to have no internet for more than a day. Kids use the web for worthwhile purposes, like looking up answers to term papers or references for articles they are working on. 

But as with almost everything, there is a flip side to the coin. Many people are now very wary of the web since there are elements to it that are as dark and murky as the deepest parts of the ocean. Many parents have become quite aware that their children are being exposed to such danger like inappropriate content, cyberbullying and cyberstalking, and pornographic videos and photos.

Why Parents Use Monitoring Apps

Many children run the risk of using their phones without anything happening to them. However, with the unknown identities of predators and pedophiles, would you take a chance? If that’s a no, like what most other parents would answer, then the solution would be to install a parental monitoring software on your child’s phone to protect them from the dangers they know next to nothing about. 

What Information Parental Monitoring Apps Provide About Your Kid’s Phone?

Monitoring apps like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward have the ability to access the short messaging system (SMS or text message) feature of a mobile phone. Outgoing and incoming text messages can be displayed as well as the date and time signatures on those messages within the app. These apps can also show the contact information on all contacts, and even deleted text messages. This is very useful for people who can’t monitor their kids’ texts in real time.

Many of these apps have algorithms that help detect signs your child is in trouble. You can’t just spot-check your kids every time. It’s very labor-intensive and most children are very resourceful. So, here are some of the things that monitoring apps can help you look for.

    • Bullying and stalking – Bullying and stalking have spilled over to the digital world. They now have a much larger pool of children to victimize because of how many are using phones and the internet. Apps can help parents look for signs that somebody is stalking or bullying your child, so you could stop it in its tracks before it does permanent damage.
    • Suicidal tendencies – Parents are often unaware that their children have thoughts of ending their own lives. However, kids may leave some clues about their plans in whatever they post on the web. They may even tell their friends about it through text. Observing the way they text others may give you some advance warning about your kid’s plan.
    • Pornographic and other adult content – This is one thing that almost any kid with a phone can get from the internet. It is simply not enough to have an app that can block known pornographic sites. Installing monitoring apps can help parents look for such sites if a kid is talking about it with his friends through text.
    • Threats of violence from known and unknown sources – Adults “meet” all kinds of persons all the time on the web. It is the same thing with kids, except that they probably won’t know what they’re getting into until it’s too late and they’re bombarded with threats. With the help of monitoring apps, many parents can catch the signs of these types of assault before it spills out into their real lives.
    • Sexual predators – This is probably the most insidious threat to all children whenever they go into the internet. Some people have mastered the techniques of getting others to trust them even without meeting them. When these criminals come into contact with children, first they befriend them and eventually get their contact information. You probably won’t like what happens after that. One of the best ways that parents can keep their children away from these people is having a monitoring app on their kids’ phones.
    • Depression – There is nothing that needs to be said about this. It’s such a sad day when we lose somebody due to depression, somebody who was healthy and used to be happy. Parents can help their children deal with their depression only if they know about it. That’s why apps like Auto Forward and Highster Mobile are such valuable tools in detecting signs of depression that can be uncovered on mobile devices.

At the end of the day, it is all about peace of mind for parents, and the safety and security of their children. That’s what top monitoring apps are for. To learn more about monitoring apps, visit our website at https://safeguarde.com/ right now and experience true peace of mind in no time.