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Parental Need to Spy on Text Messages

Should parents spy on text messages? Well, that depends. When we bring a new life into this world, we do a lot within our capacities to protect them from the harsh realities of the world. Unfortunately though, most of our efforts and best judgments are regarded as acts of spying and violation of privacy by our kids. As parents we all wonder, how much privacy do our children really need or should get? Well, there can never be a definite answer to such a question, as most children are different and understanding their nature is extremely important.

Many parents believe that privacy rights, especially as adolescents, is supposed to be earned rather than considered a right. The amount of privacy a teen or child can enjoy should be related with the amount of responsibility and honesty exhibited by the child.

Although, kids are rather easy to look after, but as they enter their adolescent years, it brings the onset of the rebellious phase. Some thoughts:

  • This is the phase where kids are transitioning towards adulthood and start developing a life of their own.
  • This phase is especially notorious for parents because children start to develop their own boundaries.
  • When a child is young, there is literally no separation but as they grow, the day comes when boundaries start to develop.
  • Soon they go to the bathroom and close the door behind them, and if someone walks in on them, they feel embarrassed.
  • This makes it quite obvious that boundaries have started to develop and their need to establish them is crucial to their growth.
  • This is why privacy for children is extremely important.
  • Do I have a legitimate reason to spy on text messages?

Hard Choices for the Sake of Our Children

A lot of parents are faced with many difficult choices and impossible situations. In the case of defiance, many parents feel helpless and frustrated. Despite numerous attempts to reach out to their kids, frustration only builds up. But no matter what a kid does, a parent will always look out for them even it means making difficult decisions. Although, we all know that this particular phase that our children go through is completely normal, but the internet and the digital realm can be an unforgiving place. We all make stupid mistakes, especially during our early years, but in our modern day even the smallest of things can have a lasting impact.

When parents find themselves in such a contradictory situation where violation of rights is the only way to ensure responsibility and accountability, it becomes really difficult to make that decision. But when you feel that your child might be indulging in harmful and risky behavior, such as using drugs, it becomes your obligation and responsibility to look after your child for their own sake. But in order to accomplish that you need to have knowledge of your child’s actions, otherwise you can’t really do anything.

A recent article on Huffington Post said this:

“Should parents spy on their digital kids? This question comes up a lot at our parent workshops, and the answer is simple.

It depends.

In a perfect world, kids would come fully-equipped with the cognitive capacities to make wise decisions online, starting from the moment they first press a sticky finger to the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Or, perhaps even better, kids (and Anthony Weiner) would be banned from using digital devices until their frontal lobe, that part of the brain responsible for good judgment, is fully developed. But since experts say this can take up until age 25, I suppose that’s being unrealistic.

So it’s not a perfect world.

The fact of matter is kids are going online at younger and younger ages and parents are increasingly looking for help to monitor their actions. Many are turning to Internet filtering and/or monitoring software and apps. Designed to identify and block dangerous sites and track inappropriate or excessive Internet use, most Internet filtering or monitoring programs allow for customization, letting users restrict or block categories as they see fit. For example, parents can block their children’s exposure to text, photos, and videos related to pornography, illegal drugs, racism and intolerance, gambling, tobacco, alcohol and more.

The use of web filtering and monitoring software poses many questions, both technically and ethically. According to an American Library Association publication,To Filter or Not: The Pros and Cons of Using Parental Control Software, choosing to install parental control software is a personal decision and should be used in conjunction with one-on-one parental supervision. Additionally, it is critical to recognize that filtering software cannot guarantee that children or other family members will never see inappropriate material on the Internet. While blocking pornography and explicit adult sexual material, the software may also block access to useful information related to personal health issues and other topics. NO program is one hundred percent effective, and new sites are added to the Internet daily. Most of all, it is essential to realize that parental control software is not a substitute for active parent interaction with your children and supervision of their Internet use.”

Who Will Really Spy on Text Messages?

Did you know that cell phone spying is being used all over the world? Take the case in the UK, for instance. According to Business Insider, “Stingray” technology intercepts and listens to mobile phone conversations!

“Technology that secretly intercepts and listens to people’s mobile phone calls is being used in the UK, an investigation by Sky News has found.

It is not clear who is using the technology or why.

The tech goes by the commercial term “Stingray.” It works by mimicking a cellphone tower. However, instead of providing call service or wireless reception, a Stingray simply listens to the call you’re currently making via an “IMSI-catcher.” IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity — a unique number that identifies users on their phone network.

Stingrays are frequently used in the US by local law enforcement to monitor suspects. They have been the subjected of heated debate because Stingrays can listen to anyone’s calls, even without a warrant. Because of the way they work, Stingrays hoover up vast amounts of call data from individuals not related to the person being targeted — everyone’s call data, basically. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says Stingrays are “incredibly invasive.”

Armed with the technology, the advocacy group says, “law enforcement can — without any assistance or consent from cell phone carriers — pinpoint a person’s location in the home, a place of worship or a doctor’s office, or conduct mass surveillance on people gathered in an area, whether for a protest, lecture or a party. Even when used to target a particular suspect, Stingrays sweep up information about innocent individuals who happen to be in the vicinity.”

Wherever you stand on the Stingray debate, there’s no doubt that people, businesses and law enforcement all over the world find it beneficial to spy on a cell phone, and spy on text messages, for a variety of reasons. Monitoring for child safety or business protection is not only important in this day and age, it’s forward-thinking. Taking action now can prevent disaster later.

spy text messagesKeeping Track of Your Child’s Activities

Since most of our communication and access to interest is done through mobile phones, many parents wonder how can I spy on text messages. Lucky for all parents, many such apps are now available which can help a worried parent track their child’s cellular activities. Although, spy on text messages apps are not entirely a new concept, but they have gotten quite advanced in recent years, encompassing a wide range of functionalities. For example, a weary parent can use them to keep track of their child’s incoming and outgoing calls, they can even record calls if a particular number seems suspicious. They can also spy on text messages that are exchanged, and this also includes popular instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp. It doesn’t end here, a lot of our social interactions have been moved on to social media platforms such as Facebook, and these apps can even track the private messages on these social media platforms. Furthermore, parents can use them to track incoming and outgoing emails and even the popular calling app, Skype. But most importantly, it offers GPS tracking so that parents can have peace of mind knowing where their child is.

According to ZDnet:

“To protect their children in an increasingly dangerous world, parents need to be able to monitor their use of the Internet and social networks and to restrict the use of their children’s devices electronically.

In short, I think they need to be able to spy on them.

Sounds extreme? Let me put it this way: I don’t believe children and teens have rights per se, because they aren’t yet adults. They are afforded privileges by their parents, who nurture them, provide them with a home, clothe and feed them, and pay the bills. They also have a right to be protected by law. Period.

Parents or legal guardians should be able to observe the full data feeds of what their children post and receive via Facebook, text, email, and any other application or service used on their devices. It is a parent’s right to “violate” their child’s notion of “privacy”.

Just like enterprises can and should dictate with BYOD policies which apps and services can be installed on devices used on their networks, parents should be able to control which applications and services can be installed on their children’s mobile devices, and when as well as how they can be used.”

Auto Forward

Auto Forward is by far the best app to spy on text messages currently available for worried parents. The app was designed to help parents get much needed peace of mind by keeping tabs on their loved ones. All of the activity that takes place on a particular phone is provided to you on a secure account that only you can monitor using your computer or any handheld device. Moreover, it is quite easy to activate and it’s completely user-friendly. The following are some instructions for installing and activating the app on your child’s phone.

Auto-Forward is compatible with all leading mobile phone operating systems; this includes both iOS and Android.

  • Access to the phone is necessary to install the app, which will be hidden from the user
  • In the case of iOS devices, the device must be jailbroken but not for android
  • All versions of the operating systems are compatible
  • Once installed on the device, you will start receiving real time activity on the device

Once you have performed these simply basic tasks, you are good to spy on text messages. Now Auto-Forward will work by accessing the data from your child’s phone and upload it on your control panel, which you can assess via a secure online account. All of the activity will be tracked and presented to you as it is. In the case that a message was deleted immediately, Auto-Forward will recover it and will make it available to your watchful eyes. Your secure account is accessible on the go from your computer, cell phone or even tablet. The ability to spy on text messages has never been simpler!

Now that your question, “How can I spy on text messages” has been answered you have to make the decision to actually go through with it. The safety of your child should be your utmost priority, which will also serve as the catalyst for taking the first step.

Auto ForwardTelling Your Child

Many parents wonder about the way they should spy on text messages. We have talked to a lot of parents who have been disappointed by their children. Some of these parents prefer to tell their children that they will be tracking their cell phone activities. They tell their children that privacy is a privilege and that they have abused it until now and their actions have led to their privacy rights being revoked. They hope that overt spying on their kids will act as a deterrent for them and once they earn their privacy privileges back, the spy app for text messaging can be removed.

However, not every child is the same and such a plan has known to backfire and that’s why a lot of parents covertly spy on children. In such a situation, you will have to get access to their child’s mobile phone and download the app without their knowledge. The entire process takes about two minutes; once downloaded, you can spy text messages for as long as need be. Since the app functions covertly, there is no real cause for concern that your spying will be detected.

If Your Child is Found Engaging in Risky Behavior

There is nothing worse in the world when you find your child engaging in drugs, alcohol or other risky behavior, especially after you have done everything you could to be a good enough parent. Worst of all, kids start to believe that we don’t have enough power to restrict their activities, they take everything they have for granted. But when you come to think of it, even the phone they use is on your name and you just try to provide your child with everything you can.

In such a case, you should be stern and make sure your child understands that actions have consequences. Don’t be afraid to assert your authority and make sure they understand your authority is absolute until they become an adult. A lot of children will respond by saying, “I can’t believe you were spying on me,” but don’t let them turn the argument against you.  You used an app to spy on text messages because they forced you to.

Remember privacy is a privilege and not a right; children who prove their trustworthiness and honestly are entitled to their privacy. However, if they violate your trust then it your duty to correct them to make sure they don’t become their own worst enemy. If you must spy on text messages to be aware of their activities, then so be it.

In summary, if you want to spy on text messages, it really depends on your relationship with your child. If trust is paramount, you might need it. But if you’re worried about your child in this dangerous digital world, a product like Auto Forward can be your best ally. This powerful cell phone monitoring software can really give any parent the peace of mind they need. And it’s portable – all the powerful features you get on your desktop you can also view on any phone or tablet. Going on summer vacation? Now you can view the targeted phone on the beach. With cell phone use getting younger and younger, and technology moving at breakneck speed, the need for cell phone spy software is like having a modern babysitter, and you’ll be very glad that you have it installed, in case, like most times in life, something bad and unpredictable happens. Now you stop the destruction in its tracks and spy on text messages with a cell phone spy like Auto Forward.




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