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Parents, Beware Of The Shell On Challenge!


You think kids would’ve learned after the Tide Pod Challenge? Apparently not. Another dangerous online viral challenge is sweeping the internet, the Shell On Challenge. Young kids are posting their ‘Shell On’ videos on social media so they can become internet famous. But what is this challenge and how can parents protect their children from it? We discuss this below.

What Is The Shell On Challenge?

Basically, challenge participants eat a piece of food, packaging and all. For example, eating an orange with the skin still on or a sandwich and the plastic bag it’s in. Now, eating the skin of fresh vegetables and fruit isn’t always bad, but it must be washed beforehand in case there are pesticides. The other health concern that comes into play is when participants are eating plastic and packaging, which is considered a choking hazard. That type of material is not meant to be ingested by anyone.

Shell On Challenge Videos

Shell On Challenge videos are being posted all over the internet, but specifically on Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. Below are just some ones that are online.

1. Eating A Banana, Tomato, and Cereal (Box Included)


2. To Do It Or Not


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3. Yet Another Banana


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What You Can Do To Protect Your Child

Don’t let your kids be one of the stupid people who participate in the Shell On Challenge and other dangerous online challenges. Here are some precautions you can take to protect them from participating.

    • Talk To Your Kids About These Challenges

Have an honest conversation with your kids about these online viral challenges. Tell your child about a few of them like the Shell On Challenge, Tide Pod Challenge, and Cinnamon Challenge, and the dangers associated with them. If your child isn’t taking your talk seriously, show them an example of what happens when these challenges go bad, whether it’s a video or news story.

    • Regularly Talk With Your Kids

In general, many parents don’t know when their kids are participating in online challenges because they don’t talk with them regularly. As a parent, it’s your job to be informed about your child’s life and know who their friends are. For all you know, they could have a friend peer pressuring them to do the Shell On Challenge.

    • Monitor Their Cell Phone Activity

If your child is in that phase where they don’t share things with you, you may have to start monitoring their cell phone activity. Using a cell phone monitoring app, you would be able to keep an eye on their activities like texts, social media, and photos and videos taken. So, if their friend is pressuring them to participate in the Shell On Challenge or they have done so already, you will know. Another alternative is using parental control apps to restrict their phone activities.

Why people participate in online challenges like these is beyond comprehension. All parents and society can do is inform people about the dangers of doing them.

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