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Why Parents Need to Run a Criminal Background Check


If you’re a parent, then you know what it’s like to worry about someone other than yourself. In fact, there’s nothing more worrisome than wondering about the safety of your child … and who you’re entrusting them too. That’s why every parent should run a criminal background search on the people they leave their kids with. After all, children are a parent’s most precious possession.

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5 Types of People That Parents Should Run a Background Check On

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There are so many reasons why you should consider running a background search on people who have access to your kid—no matter how old your baby might be. Every stage of a child’s life involves different types of individuals interacting with them. Below are five types of people who deserve to be investigated prior to you handing your children over to them.

Babysitters/Nannies/Daycare Employees: These are perhaps the most important people you should run a criminal records search on. Your youngest ones are the most vulnerable because they can’t protect themselves. If they’re very young, they can’t even speak up about what might be happening to them when you’re not around. Countless horror stories involving abusive childcare employees and nannies have been dominating the headlines for decades. It seems to be getting worse. That’s why every parent needs to conduct a criminal records check of any person they’re trusting to be with their baby.

Coaches/Instructors/Teachers/Spiritual Leaders: Religious figures, troop leaders, sports coaches—you name it. You just can’t trust people these days. There are a lot of sick individuals out there who are attracted to young kids and teens. They use their place as a mentor, coach, advisor, etc. to prey on the kids who believe they can trust them. Then, when the child is vulnerable, they pounce. Make sure your child—whether they be an athlete, musician, altar boy, scout, or something else—is safe when they’re alone with another adult. Do your own criminal background search to see if these adults have committed any previous crimes.

Friends’ Parents and Neighbors: Sometimes, the people we think are harmless—because we already know them—are anything but that. But everyone has secrets. You don’t know what someone has done in the past. Finding out may point to what they could do in the future. Just because you’ve had a few beers with Mike next door, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try and have sex with your blossoming daughter. Especially if he’s done this type of thing before. And yeah, your teenage son has slept over his best friend’s house before, but now that he’s working out, his bud’s newly divorced, wino mom may be considering life as a cougar. A criminal background search into her life might reveal she has a history of alcohol-related infractions—including sex with a minor.

Miscellaneous Individuals: There are a good many people we don’t pay too much attention to because our children aren’t exposed to them for any major amount of time. But we should! Bus drivers, gardeners, contractors, handymen, mail carriers—any one of these can have a criminal history. And if they’re around your child for even the smallest amount of time, they can wreck havoc on your family. Running a background check on people like these is incredibly important because they can easily disappear since they are not a permanent fixture in your life.

Boyfriends & Girlfriends: Your child will always be your baby no matter how old they get. That’s why your job as a parent never ends. If you have a teen or college-aged daughter, you may want to search her boyfriend’s background to make sure he doesn’t have a criminal history. The same goes for your son. You can not only check his girlfriend out to see if she has a drug history, but you can background check her parents as well. This gives you an idea of what kind of family she comes from.

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Run Background Checks To Protect What Matters Most

We live in very dangerous times. Don’t wait until it’s too late—run a background check on everyone who your kids spend time with, no matter how good a person they may seem to be. Your children’s lives literally depend on it.

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