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Peer Power

When the kids are young, there are toddler issues – daycare, preschool, play dates, creating a solid social base for a successful kid life with small introductions outside the loving embrace of the family home. It’s about stability and routine. Then that loving embrace becomes an extended family of friends. And there’s no doubt that the extended family of one’s peers has a more powerful influence over a parent’s good advice. Where does social media come into play? According to a recent article from TheGuardian.com, it’s parents’ biggest online fear. Losing that control over your child is a natural part of parenting but a scary thing nonetheless. Sharing inappropriate content or oversharing is rampant since a good online reputation is not on the forefront of a teenager’s mind.

Is your child really at football practice? Is she studying or playing online games? Some of the strongest things teens and tweens need are good guidance and support to make the right decisions in life. Diversions will always challenge the attention span of your kids, but it’s a parental prerogative to counsel them beyond the distractions.

Peer influence isn’t going away anytime soon. With the help of Autoforward, you can monitor your teenager’s mobile device so that they can still maintain all their friendships but are steered by good advice behind the scenes. You can check your teen’s text messages (even the deleted ones), calls, GPS location, social site history, and much more with this powerful mobile application. Click here today to learn more about the simple three-part process: download, install, and monitor.

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