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Phone GPS Tracker: Used and Abused

The birth of technological modernization enables one to remotely use a spyware with phone gps tracker in real-time. One of the most recommended in today’s market is the Safeguarde software that doesn’t only cater location tracking but also messages, call, videos, photos, and social media monitoring without physically accessing the target’s phone. It is a jailbreak-free spyware that works best for parents who seem to lost track of their children’s daily undertakings; smartphone activities, included. Unfortunately, there exist perpetrators in the person of “pedophiles” who consider lurking on social media sites for children’s photographs a hobby and/or business.

Who are this “perpetrators”?

Perpetrators may be in a form of a regular stalker who uses paid or free spy apps to go about online (social media being their most used source) obsessively looking for pictures of his barely reachable crush. But in most common notion of which are pedophiles; defined by Thesaurus.com as an adult who is sexually attracted to young children. Given how hooked children nowadays to social media site and internet’s accessibility, it is easier for these creepy individuals to get photographs that are either showing some skin or none at all but are maliciously used for selling or ill-mentioned purposes.

How can your child avoid being victims of perpetrators?

  1. Your child must remember that anything posted online can be used against her without prior notice. Status updates, photos and videos posted on social networks may be deleted but screenshots made remain to be lifetime evidences of which she doesn’t have control over.
  2. Educate children on every “privacy setting”; make sure that it is in the safest to prevent perpetrator from seeing their photos or posts in general.
  3. Get your children to act in such a way that shouts “respect” above anything else. Showing some skin may be her form of telling people how comfortable she is on her own body but remind her of the perpetrator’s bad purposes. It may be used against her and a story behind it could be fabricated.

Proper usage of spyware

As parents of this child who is or a potential victim of pedophiles, utilize spyware and (track a phone number free) by monitoring your child’s social media activities and everything else that happens on her phone. You should let her be aware of what perpetrators can possibly do. Warn her when a post seems too unbecoming and irrelevant for words. Also, make sure that the places she goes and people in contact with are secure. This way, she can feel how much you want to protect her well-being which makes the whole “privacy” thing unquestionable.

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